Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We're On a Boat

I went fishing yesterday and I loved it.
I mean, of course it helped that I caught several fish, but the experience was great. Coming from someone who used to hate anything related to boats and ocean life, this is a big step. There is just something magical about spending an afternoon out on the water as life seems to slow down for a few hours. Honestly, I need life to slow down, I think that might have been what I realized this afternoon, I loved not checking my phone or worrying about having somewhere to go. All I can say is that Jimmy Buffett sure knows what he's talking about with living and dying in 3/4 time.
Anyways, if you get the chance, I highly recommend doing this for a day. We weren't even deep sea fishing and we had a great time. It was 4 hours which was the perfect length of time for me, and since we didn't go all the way out in the gulf, I wasn't worried about the chance of being sea sick. If you're in the Tampa area, I would totally recommend the guy we went with: Captain Will Shook of Tampa Fishing Charters. He knows what he's doing out there and is more than willing to help out (which is great if your casts are as short as mine...whoops). Oh, and he captained for Mark Teixiera yesterday morning. Seriously, if I had realized that was why I recognized the guy getting in the car next to us as we got to the marina I would have been the happiest person alive, oh well. 
Ky and I
not actually sure if my hand was supposed to go that far in the gill...
It was such a wonderful day and I would recommend it to anyone. Be it on a boat, a dock, or just a river bank, an afternoon of fishing is the perfect way to escape reality for a bit. I think I am going to be reliving fighting those fish until the next time I can get out there. Before you go out though, make sure you have some of the basics:
1) Non-marking Shoes: I grabbed a pair for $15 at Target and absolutely was not worried about what the condition of them would be afterwards. I have Sperry's, but I didn't bring them on the trip and, honestly, I kind of think these had more traction than my beat up, old Sperry's would have.
2) PFG: Okay, this one is just super cute. However, try to get any PFG regardless because they are miracle shirts out there. Even if it isn't super sunny, the sun is reflecting off the water and you're spending some quality time out there. Just wear a lightweight PFG and save yourself the sunburn without overheating.
3) Sunglasses and Croakies: Sunglasses should be self-explanatory, however, croakies are also a good idea. I have been wearing them for years and many a pair of sunglasses has been saved with them. You don't want to be worrying about your glasses when reeling a fish in, so these help keep them secure...also, maybe don't wear your really nice glasses out on the boat.
4) Hat: Protect your face from the sun, that is all. I know hats can get super hot, but this will be worth it. I borrowed my brother's lightweight hat and barely noticed it was there!
5) Sunscreen: Lotion, not spray. I love spray, too, but stick with the lotion for boating. The spray can coat the boat when it disburses and you don't want to end up overboard because you slipped while fighting a fish.

Do any of y'all fish? Any other tips?

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