Sunday, March 9, 2014

carry all and carry on

So, I wrote this yesterday on the plane and then we got to Tampa and were racing to a game and I just totally forgot to post it! Anyways, here's what I wrote yesterday...
Well I have finally made it to Tampa for Spring Training…actually, technically I am writing this post on the plane and by the time y’all read it, I will be in Florida. I am so excited to escape to somewhere warm for a few days. We flew out on a 7:15am flight, meaning that we had all of our bags packed and ready to go when we got up this morning. Oh, and did I mention that my bag was perfectly fine and under the weight limit…whoop whoop, I’ve come a long way.
Of course, in addition to checking my big, new suitcase (that I kind of love), I also brought two carry on bags. I think I take for granted what I pack in my carry on because I always tend to bring the same few things, but there are definitely some essentials that you need in your bag. You don't want to be caught in the middle seat between two middle-aged businessmen with nothing to do for two hours. Part of that is true, I'm sitting between two businessmen, but I am in the exit row so my 5'4" frame is loving all this excessive leg room.
I always make sure to bring both something to read and watch on a plane depending on my mood. I just (finally) got around to finishing Kate White’s book (It’s amazing and you should go buy it right now!) and, if I want to pass the rest of the time watching A Philadelphia Story, I can because I have my iPad and laptop. Sure, sometimes I am feeling productive and want to do something else on the flight, but as long as I have options, I won’t mind sitting in the middle seat.
As far as other basics go, obviously make sure you have your wallet and ID and I would also recommend gum if your ears pop like mine. Other random things I like to have are a tiny bottle of lotion (they make ones that fit the TSA requirements) or moisturizing hand sanitizer, tissues and deodorant, just because I want to feel somewhat clean and fresh after spending that much time in close proximity to others.
Also, if you have somewhere to go right from the plane, make sure that you have a change of clothes or are wearing something that is appropriate for where you’re going. I might not want to go to the ball game in the outfit I’m wearing, but if I need to, I know this will be okay.
Have a great start to your spring break! Where are y’all going for the week?


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