Friday, March 7, 2014

The Friday Five

It is finally Spring Break! I am so excited to see my Momma this afternoon and then leave for Florida tomorrow morning! Seriously though, I came out of my apartment this morning to find that there was a snow dusting last night...I am so over this weather. Anyways, there have been so many links and such that I love this week and I am just so elated for break that I can hardly contain myself.

can't wait to be back!
My friend Meghan wrote "did you write this?" when she posted this on my timeline this morning. Seriously though, last night at Boylan I was that girl standing at the bar watching the Clippers obliterate the Lakers rather than socializing. Oh, and I'm that girl going to watch baseball for my spring break with my dad and brothers rather than going to some tropical location with friends.

2) This Quote
I have been doing some self-evaluating lately and seeing as I recently cut my hair, I love this as inspiration. Thanks, Pinterest!

I've talked about Kendra Scott earrings before, but I didn't know about this part of their site until Meghan told me. There was a pair of earrings that Kaitlyn Black wore on Hart of Dixie that I absolutely loved, but I wanted gold hardware instead of silver. Now I guess I can order them? This could be dangerous...

Buzzfeed quizzes have been on point this week. I got Logan, Brian from the Backstreet Boys and Mr. Darcy as my potential soul mates...all of which are more than ideal. 

cut down the net!!!
I know anyone can post anything on Buzzfeed, but I thought this was pretty great in the wake of UVA being ranked number one in the ACC. It is amazing to witness such a great team at my school, especially considering how great our football program is...
On that note, I do not expect Hokies to cheer for UVA basketball, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

What are you loving this week?

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