Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beach Body in One Week

So you are leaving for Florida on Saturday and that whole "beach body" routine you'd been planning on doing sort of fell off to the wayside thanks to Girl Scout cookie season and those winter blues? No worries. There are still ways to improve your body in the last couple of days before your big vacation for you to kick it into gear. No, I am not promising some sort of crazy weight loss pill or diet...that is unrealistic and unhealthy. If you want to lose 5lbs by Saturday, my only recommendation would be a stomach flu, kidding, but you get the idea.
These are some tips on how you can improve your beach body in the last couple of days before the big vacation. And if you still aren't happy? Wear a PFG and let's get in shape after Spring Break as we prepare for Beach Week (this is my plan...those Girl Scout cookies get me every time, whoops)

1) Drink More
Drink more: water, tea, detox water.
Drink Less: caffeine, carbonation, and alcohol.
Essentially keep yourself hydrated. Detox water can be as simple as adding any combination or one of the following things: mint, lemon, cucumber. It makes the water even more refreshing and will help flush out your system. You should always stay hydrated, but it will especially help this week. Oh, and as for the drink less section, if you think I am not going to drink my morning coffee just so that I look good at the beach, you're crazy.
2) Exercise
Well, this should be self-explanatory. Even if you aren't going to magically transform your body in less than a week, exercise will stimulate blood flow and help kickstart your metabolism. Plus, have you ever noticed that you look more fit after working out, like if you do a killer ab routine that you seem to have flat abs for a few hours? Well, that is because the blood is going to your muscle tissue during the workout and it will hang around for a bit. So, if you want to look like you're in better shape than you are, get a workout in before you head to the beach. (disclaimer: you will probably be sore if you do this after not regularly working out...)
3) Eat Right
Stick to those leafy green vegetables and stay away from the fast foods. There are dozens of lists of "detox" foods out there and basically those are the ones that are less likely to make you bloat and easier for your body to break down.
4) Spice Up Your Life
Add some cayenne or jalapeño peppers to your diet! There are so many studies that show how adding spices to your diet will jumpstart your metabolism so just throw them in with your normal food and you'll be good to go.
5) Stress Less
I realize this isn't totally possible. I mean, I am stressed about the exam I have today and the two papers I have due tomorrow. However, I need to plan it out and know that it is all going to get done...and be thankful that yesterday's snow day caused my Friday exam to get moved back. So on Thursday, I am going to do a personal at-home spa day, but I need to keep calm all week. Just use a motivational quote or a to-do list to remind yourself that you can do it!

Obviously, this plan isn't perfect, but there isn't any plan that will get you the perfect beach body in a few days. And anyways, you should love yourself and the way you look regardless...there is always room for improvement, but don't let that stop you from loving yourself and your life right now. 


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