Monday, March 31, 2014

Maxed Out: Styling Maxi Skirts

Happy Opening Day, Happy 21st Birthday Meghan, Happy Warm Weather Day...HAPPY DAY! Y'all, this is actually one of the best Mondays ever, and you know I mean it because I do not like Mondays, ever.
Over Spring Break my momma and I ventured down to Old Town Alexandria for a day of shopping and came across an awesome sale at the Gap outlet. One of the items I got was a cotton maxi skirt and I only wish that I'd realized how awesome these are sooner! These skirts are perfect for transitioning weather as it was chilly when I left this morning (40 degrees) but by the mid-afternoon when I walk home it'll be 70 degrees! Maxi skirts are so easy to style and you can change up the look of them so many different ways. Oh, and whean I was looking for skirts for this post, I came across Target's collection of them for around $ great is that? If you don't already have a cotton maxi skirt, go get one now. They're the perfect solution for looking more put together than you feel on a Monday morning!
And just in case you need a bit more convincing, these skirts can be styled as more than just a casual, running errands look. You can also throw on a nicer blouse and dress it up for a nicer event, even the office! These skirts come in cotton, chiffon, silk, etc. and the possibilities for styling them is endless.
Any other maxi skirt fans out there?


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