Sunday, March 31, 2013

SATC Sunday: Formal Date

Do any of you have a completely unremarkable friend or maybe a houseplant I could go to dinner with on Saturday night?

Okay, so I haven't started watching my box set of Sex and the City yet (I've been too busy to finish The West Wing!), so this is another google'd quote. I came across this one and started cracking up because it reminded me of a tweet that I sent out last week and apparently my friends think I am funny...or that I have actually gone crazy.  Let it be noted though, that I am WAY more of a Charlotte than a Charlotte and I could probably be twins. 

Regardless, this reminded me of that tweet so I thought I'd share it with y'all! Just to clarify, I am not actually taking my fish to formal (really hope y'all realized that though). Maybe I'll stay in, blog and finish The West Wing, maybe I'll go home for the weekend. Totally lame, but definitely no plant or fish dates. 
Oh, and this is my fish, Chubbs. He's pretty cool, I mean, for a fish.

Happy Easter and I hope y'all have a wonderful week!!!


P.S. the Monogrammed Keychain Giveaway ends TONIGHT! so enter if you haven't!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Run, Forrest, Run

If I had a nickel for every time I started this post and then deleted it....
Last weekend I got a comment from Rebecca on my Instagram asking if I would do a post about my training for the 17.75k I ran. I was so flattered, but a bit nervous. I am not an expert runner and running this race completely broke the mold for my normal habits. I have debated what the best way to write this post is and I have come to the conclusion that one post just isn't enough. There's my story, there's motivation, and there's the training itself. Sure, I could write it all in one post, but y'all don't want to read that and quite frankly, I wouldn't either.
With that being said, I am going to start with my story because, trust me, I can relate to all of you beginner runners.
Whoop, Whoop! Access Granted! Marine Corps Marathon or Bust! (rough, no-makeup post-race pic)

How did I start my journey to that picture?
I was tired of being out of shape. Simple as that, I was just tired of seeing people running and reading articles about health knowing I was in bad shape. It wasn't that I was gaining weight or obese, but I certainly wasn't toned and yeah, my body could be better and I know that metabolisms only slow with age. So, at Thanksgiving Break I told my momma that I was going to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013. That was that, I set a goal and this time, it stuck. I guess it just finally clicked that I was in charge of my life and only I could make this happen.
How did I train?
Slowly. I mean, I started off in January being tired as anything after running 2.5 miles (not good). It was really disheartening but I knew I had to run the Marine Corps 17.75k in March so I just kept going. I was absolutely worried it wasn't going to work, but I coudn't just give up.
Honestly, that race motivated me more than anything else. I had to train, I had to run, otherwise I was going to embarrass myself in front of my family and friends.
I was not great about my training and the farthest I had run prior to race day was 7.5 miles, but 7.5 is way farther than 2.5 so that was good enough for me. Also, motivating myself to run was hard, but knowing how much I loved the feeling after my run actually helped. Running allows you to clear your mind and you release endorphins when you run making you happy, and that post-run feeling is a high like no other.
Disclaimer: I have to say buying good running shoes and learning the wonders of eating a banana before a run certainly aided in this training process.
Did I ever want to quit?
Yep. I really wanted to quit, but pride got in the way and I kept running. Running sucks, but crossing the finish line is pure bliss. Plus, my family makes fun of me for being the least athletic. Maybe I am, but they really can't say anything to me after I finish an 11 mile race.
How was the race?
Cold. Holy crap, it was cold that morning. I was thinking signing up for a race at the end of March would mean great running weather, not a 32 degree start. I was also beyond nervous. I was basically convinced I was going to come in last place. Then the race course basically made the Rockies look flat. I mean come on, making mile 8 basically a giant hill was cruel and unusual punishment. I don't like running with other people normally, but being in that setting helped push me and I definitely wouldn't have made it up those hills without seeing Gramps running (jogging slower than most people walk...yeah, that steep) up it in front of me.
cold and scared because everyone around me looks like they know what they're doing! (yeah, I ran with my pearls in my ears)
Did I achieve my goals?
I completely blew them out of the water! The goal I was telling people was that I wanted to run at least the first 7.8 miles without stopping. My secret goal was to run the whole thing and finish in as close to 2 hours as possible. I crossed the line at 1:57:37 with only that slight 15 second hiccup and was so proud of myself. Every second of training was worth it for that blissful feeling when I crossed the finish line. 
Still Running?
Yep. Still training, that Marathon is only getting closer and that is one race I cannot risk being unprepared for. I am running the Nike Women's Half-Marathon at the end of April with some of my sorority sisters too. I also don't want to risk losing the progress I have made thus-far by slacking now. Admittedly, I only ran once this week (yesterday) because I stretched a tendon in my foot on Saturday (super common but surprisingly uncomfortable and a bit painful) so I let that heal for a few days first. I need to go get some inserts to support my arches better to avoid having that problem again. 

What are your plans for training? If you are a seasoned runner, do you have any tips for me? I would love some advice! And I will post 



Fashion Friday: Week of the Colored Nails

Happy Friday, loves! And for my fellow Catholics, Happy Fasting Friday...we're all in this together! Well, I am writing this post nice and early because I am Charlotte, NC bound for the weekend. All of my family is congregating there to bond and love on each other...well, kind of, the other excuse might be that my cousins just got 2 adorable Sheltie puppies and we want to see them!
Regardless, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and that this post allows you to escape the Friday grind for at least a little while.
Also, I am really not sure why I painted my nails so many colors this week. Maybe I normally do this but don't document it? I mean, I am basically a compulsive nail my neutral outfits some color!

So it was thoroughly chilly and snowy on Monday. What is this spring weather? No, I am seriously ready for warm weather, right now. Well, I ended up using the snow as a reason to pull out my (faux) fur vest again because it's warm and it allowed me to wear leggings. Also, I announced my Monogram Monday Giveaway! If you haven't entered, there is still time! There is also a bonus Instagram entry!
vest: Momma (sorry, the brand is "Kensie" though) // shirt: Ann Taylor Loft //  leggings: Target // bracelets: boutique in Annapolis & Fornash (I have been taking the starfish on and off to stack them) //  boots: Hunter // keychain: My Capital Letters (don't buy it yet though, enter here!)

Tuesday was for busy work and errands. And my nails were bothering me so I painted my nails in the Library Stacks while studying...totally normal, right? 
shirt: Target // scarf: Target // jeans: Gap // boots: Etienne Aigner // bracelets and watch: Fornash (same thing as Monday); NY&Co. // nail polish: Essie "Madison Ave-hue"

I have super long Wednesdays so I really want to be comfortable, but I wasn't feeling pants so enter this Target skirt that might just be my favorite piece in my spring wardrobe. It's a chambray skirt...basically classing up that go-to denim skirt from my middle school years (the one I wore with all the RL polos and popped collars, don't act like you didn't do it too). I also got lunch with K-Soms who is basically one of my favorite people on the entire planet and understands me completely. Seriously, I spilled my pink lemonade everywhere and she acted as if it were totally friends for life right there. 
shirt: Ann Taylor Loft // skirt: Target // boots: Etienne Aigner // earrings and bracelets: Fornash (here and here) // nail polish: Essie "Cute as a Button"

I have been dying to wear this anchor shirt and I didn't want to do red and chambray again but since the weather refuses to cooperate and warm up, shorts just weren't in the cards. Today I ran to Target and put together a care package for my poor, sick little (Love ya, Em!) and then class...I clearly live a really exciting life.
shirt: Old Navy // pants: H&M // shoes: Steve Madden // earrings: Fornash (LOVE these) // bracelets: Fornash (so I kind of like their jewelry...)

One class down and now just waiting for Momma and the boys are coming to get me and I will be Charlotte bound! Happy Friday! Also, today's color scheme conveniently matches my keychain giveaway ;) Actually, I swear that was totally accidental, I just really wanted to wear these shoes today! Today's nail color also has a special meaning to me. My Grandmama passed away on Good Friday my Freshman year of High School and we used to get our nails done every other week. Dutch Tulips was her favorite color and I think of her every time I wear it!
shirt: H&M // jeans: Gap // earrings: Fornash // arm party: Fornash, Kiel James Patrick, Target // shoes: Target // keychain: My Capital Letters (win one!) // nail polish: OPI "Dutch Tulips"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Buy This? Canvas Wedges!

Happy Hump Day, everyone! I hope your week is going well and I am so jealous of those of you currently on Spring Break right now. Virginia apparently has missed the Spring memo, but I am hoping we get some warm weather soon. I am really excited about this week's Why Buy This? Wednesday because I have the shoes I am featuring and I absolutely love them! 
Close-toed wedges are perfect for transitional spring weather, and even those summer days when you forget to get a pedicure. I got to break these bad boys out a couple of times over Spring Break in Florida (here and here) and I am dying for some weather to do it again. 
As for comapring them to the J. Crew ones, the picture says it all. Why buy a $130 shoe when the $30 alternative is just as cute. They don't have the color you want? Lies. I included all the colors they come in and guess what, they match up! You can get all four of the Target ones for less than one pair of the J. Crew ones. This is a no-brainer people. 
Anyways, these shoes really are amazing and I am dying to pick up another color, maybe the red, because they're so cute and affordable!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and don't forget to sign up for my Monogram Monday Giveaway!!!!

Also, as Kathy pointed out, Target shoes are buy one, get one half off right now! So go buy these shoes!!! Also, go check out her fabulous blog, Mortar and Pastel!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monogram Monday GIVEAWAY

As I mentioned in my Fashion Friday post, I got a monogrammed keychain last week from My Capital Letters and I am absolutely in love with it. I had been looking for one for a while now, but couldn't find one that I really wanted, until now.
This keychain is exactly what I was looking for. It is the perfect size to be noticeable, but not overbearing. Plus, having this on my keys was super helpful this weekend when I was home and needed to grab my keys off of the rack among all of the other lanyards hanging up! This keychain is not only super cute, but it's really well made! The double layer gives the scripty "vine" font a bit of extra reinforcement that I was looking for.
Seriously, how cute is that?

I have already gotten so many compliments on it and I have only had it for a couple of days! Now that you know how much I love mine, don't you want one, too?
Well, Happy Monday, lovelies! You are going to get a chance to win one for yourself because My Capital Letters has generously offered to give a Monogrammed Layered Keychain in Vine Font (the one I have) to one of my readers!
The giveaway is set up through Rafflecopter and there are several opportunities (including one that you can do every day!) to increase your chances of winning! There is also an Instagram entry if you repost my photo with the hashtag #SSPGiveaway!!! The giveaway will run through 12am April 1st and I will announce the winner in next week's Monogram Monday post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
My Capital Letters has more than just these keychains though! Check out their website for all sorts of Monogrammed goodies, like this Mom could be a great Mother's Day present! Or the monogrammed mirror that would make a cute addition to a dorm room or apartment! I think that I am going to have to figure out how to incorporate this into my room next year!
When you do look, please use my college rep site!
If you are interested in becoming a College Rep for My Capital Letters, like me, there is a form you can fill out on here, too! Just say that you heard about it through this blog post!

Good Luck and Happy Monday!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

SATC Sunday and this Weather

Today is my first Sex and the City Quote Sunday! If you have never seen this show, go watch it. The women are fabulous and unique and the fashion is spectacular.
This week's quote is my attitude towards this weather. Seriously, Wednesday was the first day of Spring and yesterday it was 32 degrees when I got to the starting line of my race and I am currently looking out my window watching the sky dump snow. I live in Virginia, this weather isn't okay with me. At. All.

So Dear Weather, as Carrie once said to Big,
"we are so over, we need a new word for over"
3. 11. Running with Scissors

A touch of Spring in this psycho weather

And don't forget, tomorrow is a Monogram Monday GIVEAWAY!!! Get excited, I know I am!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fashion Friday...on Saturday?

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry this didn't go up yesterday! I thought I had it set to auto-post but it didn't!
My outfits were a bit weak this week because I had to train for my 17.75k and my schedule didn't really allow for me to have time to have multiple outfit changes.
Wednesday, was the first day of Spring! Yes, still super chilly but that doesn't mean I had to dress drab. This was another one of my Spring Break purchases. I love this J. Crew gingham shirt. It's super lightweight and so bright. Honestly, my dad bought it for me and we had my student discount because I definitely don't have the money for it right now! The bracelets are a part of a stack that I took apart. Also, I got them on sale at the Fornash store in Ballston. Seriously, if you like Fornash and live in the DC area, check it out. They have an amazing clearance section (I got mine for $20)!
top: J. Crew Factory // jeans: Gap // belt: Gap (long time ago) // headband: my Big! //  wrist party: Ny&Co. and Fornash

Thursday, I forgot to take a pic, but I just rocked my go-to bootcut jeans, sweater, and cowboy boots. But, I did snap a pic of this! Yes, that is my monogrammed key chain! Want one? Check my blog on Monday for all the details on how to win your own!

Friday, I had to dress to pin for Invitation to Initiation, but of course I ended up not being able to go. Yes, I spent my entire afternoon watching and discussing a Spanish movie, just how everyone wants to spend their Friday. Then I headed back home because I have the Marine Corps 17.75k in the morning!!! Woohoo!
dress: Forever 21 (long time ago) // bracelets: Fornash, Annapolis boutique, Tiffany&Co. // shoes: Target

I hope y'all have a great weekend, or start to spring break if you're lucky enough!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Why Buy This? Wednesday: Pave Bracelet

Welcome to the first "Why Buy This? Wednesday" that is finally being posted in the wee hours of Friday morning (what can I say, this was one of those quinessential college 'hell weeks' of coffee, sleep depravation, and nothing but studying). First of all, I am starting this post because I have an eye for expensive things. I come by it honestly, momma and I lust after designer goodies all the time, and (especially for me) it is a game of "look but don't touch." Seriously, nothing short of winning the mega millions could fund my designer wish list. As a college student, the struggle isn't just coveting that Birken bag though, it is wanting that J. Crew sweater or necklace, or those Tory Burch flats. I can't afford them, and if I did buy them, I'd be eating ramen for months and not shopping either (a solution I really can't deal with). There really is no way to replacate Christian Louboutin shoes or Hermes bags, but there are ways to have a J. Crew worthy wardrobe on a ramen noodles budget.
It was really difficult for me to narrow this down to one item since recently I have just been finding all sorts of less pricy alternatives to things I love. Seriously, Old Navy is like the mecca of J. Crew spin offs and I am loving it! Today they had dresses on sale for $10-$25!!
This post isn't about dresses though, it is about my favorite pave bangle that many of you seem to love and, like me, not love the $125 price tag that J. Crew has on it. Well here is your solution!
I got my bracelet on GroopDealz for $25. It was such a steal. They just had this deal again but it expired, although they sometimes extend the deadline or move it to the "boutique" so check the site! But if you don't want to wait or to use GroopDealz (I swear by it though) there are several other alternatives:
Bauble Bar
Etsy (there are a bunch of listings similar to this)
OOH more exciting deals, y'all deserve it for waiting for this post! While I was looking at the GroopDealz site, I just noticed one of their boutique deals that I wish I had seen earlier! I love this bauble bib from Bauble Bar, really I love everything from that site. However, I just noticed that GroopDealz has it in turquoise for a fraction of the cost!
Get excited for Fashion Friday later know after I go to bed and all...


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning! Blog Announcements

Today is the first day of Spring! Now if only the weather could start to reflect that on a consistent basis....
I wish I looked this chic while cleaning...

The first day of Spring is exciting for me because it is my Spring Cleaning day! Unfortunately, it has to be put off until tomorrow evening/Friday morning because of the 5 page paper I have to write, but still, I am excited to move stuff around in my room and start to pack away my turtlenecks and heavy wool sweaters, etc. (I don't care how cold it's going to get, I will not pull those out until late fall again!).
As I mentioned yesterday, I have some exciting blog news. I am going to "Spring Clean" on here. Yep, I am restructuring my blog so I have time to post more than just my outfits and still be a full time student.

Blog "Schedule":
Monogram Monday: of course this is staying! it might just be my favorite thing ever, plus next week is a super exciting giveaway!
Why Buy This...? Wednesday: Basically, this epitomizes my "finer things on tight purse strings" lifestyle. I am going to find fabulous things that I want, but show you a just-as-cute, bank account-friendly alternative! (first one is today...well posted tomorrow thanks to the paper I have to write!)
Fashion Friday: This is going to compile my OOTDs from the week in one post. I am sure I will still post some throughout the week on occasion, but they will definitely be here. And if you want them daily, just follow my Instagram!
SATC Quote Sunday: Let's be real, the women of Sex and the City have imparted quite a bit of knowledge on us over the years. I have the box set of the series and I have been dying to start it from the beginning (I have to finish The West Wing on Netflix first). While watching, I am going to write down quotes and share one or two with you every week and a little blurb about them. The wonderful thing about this show is that quotes can be real-life applicable, fashionable, or just funny. I am actually getting more excited about this the more I read

So that's the schedule. There will probably be other posts thrown in throughout the week and sometimes I might change it up, but I think this is a pretty happy medium. What do y'all think? Please comment below or email me ( with any suggestions! It may be my blog, but my favorite part about it is that y'all enjoy it


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Warmer Weather, Cooler Colors

On Sunday, I gave y'all a preview of my love for mint. Today I was so happy to break out my new sweater, it is the perfect weather for it. I knew I wanted something comfy since I have to spend the whole day studying for an exam and writing a solution to North Korean Nuclear Proliferation (super fun) so leggings were a must.
I am going to keep this post short and sweet since I have to get back to my studying, but I hope that the weather is cooperating where you are and that y'all have a wonderful day!
sweater: H&M // leggings: Marshall's // shoes: Steve Madden // necklace: Fornash // bracelets: not available anymore

Also, tomorrow I will have some exciting news about my blog tomorrow. And don't forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin' since Google Reader is going away!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Rainy Day Monograms

I am so excited to finally debut this. I wore it last week on my rainy day in Florida and it took all my self-restraint not to just show it off then. Of course, I was secretly hoping for a rainy day today so that I could actually show it off...well, I got one. I woke up to snow! Yeah, March 18th in Virginia and it's snowing? Clearly Mother Nature is lost or spiting me for wishing for a drizzle. In fairness, it is drizzling now but it is really cold too. I was not feeling like another "How to Style Duck Boots" outfit post plus I had a 9am exam so running leggings and a sweatshirt it is. At least my rain coat looks cute...even if it is tucked under my Eddie Bauer Down Vest.
Anyways, back to the coat. I got this one from Marley Lilly. I have raved about this site before and I will again. As great as it is to find stuff on Etsy, Marley Lilly has the most comprehensive site for monogrammed goodies I have ever seen and their customer service is outstanding (I had a slight thread color panic on my derby hat last year). I got the Eddie Bauer rain coat, and while I love it, I would recommend the heavier one if it is going to be your primary rain coat just because I prefer a bit of weight to mine usually (but this one is great!). If you order the coat, you have the option of getting the chest, hood, or both monogrammed, obviously I chose both. I think any of the options look good, it's just a question of how obvious you want the monogram.

Also, don't forget to look out for next week's Monogram Monday...I know y'all are going to want to win the giveaway!

"My rule is, if it it's not moving, monogram it" -Reese Witherspoon

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Minty Fresh

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Sure, it isn't a day of gift giving (bummer), but it is still one of the greatest days of the year! First of all, I am mostly Irish and my name means Ireland. And if that isn't enough, green is one of my favorite colors, so a day devoted to wearing green is a win in my book. One of the best things about the color green is that there are so many shades of it. This year Emerald seems to be the color of the year, but this spring is all about mint. Yep, ladies, get a bit of a tan because the washed out, faded mint is going to be coming out in full force.  I love this color. I bought a cardigan and shorts in mint at the J. Crew outlet in Florida, and then got the mint H&M sweater I feature in this post while back home. Seriously, I wish I had bought this sweater in a couple of colors, it is so cozy but cool because of the loose knit. Embrace the mint, have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and drink a beer for me while I study for the exam I have tomorrow!!!

Minty Fresh


p.s. please don't forget about following me on Bloglovin (link in sidebar)! I would hate for y'all to miss my upcoming giveaway!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't Feed the Alligators

adios, boys. thanks for a great couple of days and some awesome wins!

Unfortunately, today was a chilly and drizzly day. I mean, it poured this morning and despite that I decided to go for a run. Big mistake. By the end of my run I was wringing out my shirt a la Bruce Springsteen (watch here [2:16-19]...dang, he's sexy) and my shoes felt like blocks of concrete with all the water in them. 
I had been so excited about my outfit for the game, too. I had planned to wear one of my favorite cotton Lilly dresses, but that ended up getting scrapped in favor of boyfriend jeans and a rain coat. I love my boyfriend jeans. Gap seriously makes an amazing pair, they feel like pajamas! Today was an especially good day for these pants because we spent a lot of time in the car driving an hour and a half to the game in Port Charlotte (Spring Training home of the Tampa Bay Rays), outlet shopping (heck yeah) and then dinner and back to the hotel after.
top: H&M // jeans: Gap // belt: my momma // shoes: jack rogers // purse: H&M // bracelets: Fornash (seriously, when don't I wear Fornash) // ring: The Jewel Box //sunglasses: Ray Ban with Lilly croakies

If you were wondering about the title of the post, it comes from a sign we saw by the pond outside of the stadium. Yeah, they get alligators that swim through the drainage pipes and hang out there. I really didn't want to take the photo because I could easily see one of their fresh slides right by the sign. How do I know what an alligator slide is? Thank you, Swamp People.
"dad, hurry up and take the picture so I don't get eaten" cue nervous half-smile

Oh and as for shopping, I got a couple of great pieces at the J. Crew outlet. I finally have some mint to incorporate into my wardrobe! Now if only the weather would warm up so I could wear it. Ugh, I don't wanna leave this Florida weather behind.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Coral Clutch at the Park

I am so excited to finally debut this clutch. Seriously, I have been waiting for today and it took all my self-restraint not to use it yesterday. Today we watched the Yankees take on the Cardinals back at Steinbrenner Field, our last game there this year because tomorrow we make the 1.5 hour haul to Port Charlotte to see them at the Tampa Bay Rays park (no idea about the name).
You may notice that I am wearing wedges and shorts. I had mixed feelings about this style until recently. I think that it is a really cute look that makes your legs look long and lean (short girl win!) but you ahve to be careful with it. There is a fine line between cute and trashy. These J. Crew Boyfriend shorts aren't too short or tight, so it works. Anyways, I am so excited to debut this bag and basically carry it every chance I get. Did I mention that I snagged it for $23 (including shipping)?!?! Yeah, mega win in my book.
Oh, and this picture was taken in front of the Lou Gehrig sign in the area where they display the retired numbers. Reading all those names reminds me we have had some talented players on the Yankees! 27 rings and counting!!! 
top: Lilly Pulitzer (couldn't find it online) // shorts: J. Crew // sunglasses: Ray Ban (Lilly croakies) // clutch: Cordial Lee (facebook) // bracelet: GroopDealz // shoes: Nine West (similar)
dinner outfit (Lilly dress, Fornash jewelry, Target shoes)

Oh, and before all you ladies discover the talented Yankees prospects I've seen at Spring Training, I have dibs on Corban Joseph (plus he has a cool name). I'm just saying...


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mustang Sally

Another day of baseball, another late outfit post. That's just the type of week I am having and I can't complain about that. Today we went to see the Yankees take on the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin at the Florida Auto Center Stadium. It was our first time at this stadium so wearing these wedges was taking a bit of a gamble from a walking perspective (sometimes parking is far away) and I lost out on that gamble today, but it was totally worth it! These shoes are destined to be a wardrobe staple and I have only had them for 72 hours. I saw them on Target's website a while ago and fell in love, but of course they were sold out. Luckily, my local Target had them when I was running my errands before departing for Florida and I snagged a pair. I really want them in red too, and maybe black, and I guess if I am buying both of those I should just complete the set and get the teal ones too? Yeah, I kind of like these shoes...
top: Old Navy (last year) // skirt: J. Crew // bracelets: fornash and H&M // purse: H&M // shoes: Target // cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft (not pictured)

changed into a Shep Shirt and cropped pants for a chillier evening on the boardwalk...and yeah, I ate that whole cone of custard (so yummy!!)

Now, you might be wondering what any of this has to do with Mustang Sally. Well, after the game we decided to stay in the Clearwater/St. Pete's area for shopping and dinner. We stopped off at The Old Snack Shack in Madeira Beach for a Hawaiian Shaved Ice and got snack and a show. Yes, ladies and gents, while sitting there enjoying our snack and staring out at the beach, an overly-tanned middle aged man with his nipples pierced wearing jeans with leather chaps over them and no shirt (hence me knowing about the nipple thing) started to perform some classic rock songs. It was all fun and games as everyone took photos of this spectacle until he came over to me and started to serenade me. Yep, he came and sang "Mustang Sally" to me, thoroughly enjoying my complete embarrasment at being singled out. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.
hiding from him as he approaches...Dad just took pictures and laughed

p.s. get excited for tomorrow's OOTD/Monogram Monday...I know I am!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

From the Plane to the Park

Today was one of those days that required three outfits (only 2 featured). Sometimes, travel days are just like that! For the rest of my trip, I will be continuing the multiple outfit/day trend because I always change out of my ballpark clothes for dinner, and I will try to post both each day if I can.

Outfit #1:
Traveling from DC to Florida requires some planning on the outfit front. Nothing like leaving a place in 30 degree weather (it was 7am...also, not a fun time to be at an airport without coffee) to fly to 75 degrees and sunny. I chose a maxi dress because A) it feels like pajamas B) it can cover both the two climates I was traveling between and the ever unpredictable temperature of the airplane. Also, you never know what the plane schedule and delay situation is going to be and if we ended up having to go straight to the ballpark, I wanted to be prepared.
I love this dress and the best part about it is that it was $12. That's right, I spotted it while checking out at Wally World (Walmart) with my momma at school this fall (Walmarts in college towns rock) and decided that I didn't care where it was from, I liked it and it was cheap so I picked it up. Plus, worst case scenario, if I sat in something or spilled something in the airport, I wouldn't be terribly upset since it was so cheap.
dress: Walmart // jacket: Garage (way back when it was decent) // earrings: J. Crew // bracelet: GroopDealz // shoes: Jack Rogers // nail polish: Essie "watermelon"

Outfit #2:
If I am going to be in Florida for 5 days, you better believe I am getting a tan. I try to avoid wearing shirts with straps to the ballpark after a super attractive tank top tan from last year and this outfit was just that. I know baseball like the back of my hand, I spend my spring break with my dad watching the Yankees, so I feel like it is okay to look cute going to the ballpark. Well, really it is always acceptable to look cute going to the game, gotta impress those baseball players (am I right or am I right?) Sorry for the overwhelming athlete love today...I can't help it. 
top: Target // shorts: J. Crew // purse: H&M // bracelets: Fornash and Fornash // shoes: Jack Rogers

Impressing Cute Boys at the Airport

I am writing this post from something-thousand feet in the air (I will post it from the hotel later). We are currently flying past the Outer Banks which naturally makes me so ready to get my toes in the sand and soak up the sun. Luckily for me, in a couple of hours I am going to be in a place where I can do just that!
I am on a flight to Tampa where I will spend 5 days watching baseball, eating nothing but ballpark fare and seafood, and soaking up the sun on a couple of beautiful Gulf Coast beaches. But, in order to get there, I have to fly. Okay, we could drive, but I am absolutely 100% positive that I would not be speaking to my dad by the time we hit Atlanta which would make for a really long week.
Flying out this morning and not having time to fully process my morning coffee from the McDonalds inside the terminal (oh heyyy 7:52am departure) reminded me of all the things that annoy me at the airport. Have you ever seen the Jenna Marbles "What Bitches Wear at the Airport" video? No? Go watch it. Girl hits the nail on the head. I seriously watched a woman struggle with her 5 inch stilettos, oversized purse, coffee, and designer dog carrier with an obnoxious yappy dog, all while trying to talk on the cell phone. Seriously, who the hell are you impressing at 7am? The William and Mary Men's Lacrosse Team, who also happened to be at the airport? Oh okay, understandable (thank god, I took the extra second this morning to put on makeup).
But seriously, keep it somewhat practical. Don't wear those shoes with five thousand buckles and no zippers...WHY? You hold up the already long-as-anything TSA line (unless your dad has the express line club thing...thank The Lord). Again, the W&M lacrosse team is cute and totally worth impressing, but if you make them miss their flight because you wanted to look like a gladiator, they will want to throw your butt in the Coliseum.
Sticking with the TSA line rant, take off the jewelry while you are standing in line twiddling your thumbs. Just do it. Don't sit there and debate if it is going to set off any alarms or struggle with the clasps of your bracelet stacks and necklaces blocking all progress. Pop it off in line, throw it all in the bucket, and then put it back on when you get out or get to the gate. Everyone in line will love you for it, especially those cute lacrosse players ;)
Oh, and prior to the TSA line, while everyone and their mother waits to check their bag, please make sure you know the weight. 50 pounds people, every time. It can only weigh 50 lbs. If you are a little unsure (like I was), then know what to take out. My bag was over by 1.5 lbs, I reached in and grabbed out my jewelry bag, which was strategically placed right on top, in case this needed to happen, and voila 49 lbs and I was good to go. And we can just ignore the fact that I apparently travelled with 2.5 lbs of jewelry...
Lastly, lets be reasonable with what we bring to eat on the plane. Coffee is great and, in my case, keeps my head on my shoulders in the mornings. Just because they sell it in the terminal, doesn't mean you should bring it. This applies to sandwiches with fish, sauerkraut, etc. This also applies to full meals. Yes, frat star with the pancake breakfast from McDonalds, I'm looking at you. There actually isn't enough room in our tiny coach seats for you to slice and dice the pancakes and also, you should have pancakes with syrup...not the other way around. Plus, less eating, more flirting with cute lacrosse players!
So, now my flight is going to start to descend and I am going to shut off my iPad, close my tray, adjust my seat, and not go to the bathroom just like the Flight Attendant asked me to, because I am 20 and can follow directions. Again, impressing the lacrosse players with my traveling skills. 


disclaimer: Okay, the lacrosse players weren't actually on my flight (mega bummer)...but they were nice eye candy while checking my baggage and going through security.
p.s. both of my outfits from today will be posted in a joint post later tonight!

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Wanna Be Next To You

Does anyone remember the Sam Sparro song, "Black and Gold?" While I was brainstorming this outfit last night I got it stuck in my head and I cannot seem to stop singing it now! Dang you, catchy songs!
Today's outfit is one of my quintessential "cute and comfy" attempts. I am taking the train home to DC right now and then I will be meeting my momma, getting the car from her, and running errands around town. Also, this train ride is extra fun because I am riding with one of my littles! We had no idea that we were both riding the train but ran into each other waiting in line...needless to say, I was pretty excited!
For those of you in the same boat as me today, Happy Spring Break!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic week, I know I am excited to head down to sunny Tampa, Florida tomorrow. I go for spring training. Yeah, I am that girl who spends spring break in Florida with her dad watching the Yankees play baseball, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
jacket: H&M // leggings: Marshall's // boots: Etienne Aigner // earrings: fornash // necklace: fornash // purse: H&M // watch: NY&Co. // bracelets: H&M


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flower Child

There are only so many ways that you can style bean boots. I mean, they are so practical and awesome in this weather. That being said, the snow can go away now. I like snow, but only as long as it doesn't get in my way...I also prefer it to happen before March. Seriously weather, a March blizzard in Virginia?!?!
Well, I am ready for spring, even if Mother Nature isn't. I painted my nails a bright color yesterday and decided to rock a floral print today. It is time for spring and shorts with sweaters weather...I love shorts and sweaters weather!!!
Also, the centerpiece of my Monogram Monday post for next week as well as the stuff for the DIY I want to do tonight came in today! I am so excited!
 dress: Target (a couple years ago) // belt: Francesca's // cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft // bracelets: GroopDealz (similar, also cheaper than J. Crew) // boots: LL Bean


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A touch of Lilly in a winter wonderland

As I mentioned in my morning post, today is a snow day. I was up until 3:45am cramming for a pair of exams at my sorority house (I knew I wasn't going to want to have to walk back and forth between my dorm and the library/class in that weather) and basically praying for classes to be cancelled. Lo and behold, when I woke up from my nap at 6 and looked at my phone, I found classes to be cancelled for the day. This effectively begins my spring break since those were the only big assignments this week.
leaving the sorority house...thank God, Starbucks was open
this was at 7am...glad I changed from my duck boots to my wellies!

I decided to leave and head back to my dorm right then, because the snow showed no signs of letting up and I really wanted to just curl up and go back to sleep...but in a bed this time.  After trudging across grounds through the snow, and taking a bazillion pictures along the way, I finally made it back to my dorm only to find that we were out of power and my phone was at 4% battery. So there I was, in a dimly lit dorm with an almost dead cell phone, in a blizzard, on the outskirts of a college campus...basically this is what horror movies are made of so I decided that I was not going to be staying there.
I am writing this post sitting in the hallway of one of the few buildings with power watching "A Philadelphia Story" (one of my all time favorites), charging my phone, and munching on animal crackers (thanks for the care package, Momma!)...can't really complain too much, except that my butt is kind of going numb from sitting on the hard ground here for so long (probably TMI, but whatever).
painting my nails "Turquoise and Caicos" during a blizzard...yay, irony

I should probably venture out and try to find food soon, there is a dining hall open but it's the only one and it has a line that makes waiting for a ride at Disney World look fun. For the record, I did come to college prepared with food, but said Macaroni and Cheese/popcorn/grits requires electricity to heat up.
I hope some of you are getting to enjoy a snow day as well, maybe one with electricity.


Update: I got food. Yay for the drunk muchies 24/7 diner being open! And I am finally posting this from my room and guess who still has no power or wifi?...yay snow storm (yeah, that's sarcastic). At least I have 3G so I can post this! Right? 
Update 2: the other dorms have had power for 3 hours now and it is 1am and we still don't...this might be because they forgot about us all the way out here in the boonies?