Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 days, 15 outfits

Spring Break is so dang close. I am basically checked out now because my exam got moved to the week after break because of the snow day and I am so ready to get to Florida. Before I get there though, I need to plan and pack. And when I say plan, I mean plan. I won't get home until tomorrow afternoon and we have to leave for the airport on Saturday before the sun even thinks about waking up. One of the greatest parts about this trip I'm going on is that we do so many things, and at the same time, that means I need multiple outfits every day and I am a already chronic over-packer. I can't help it, I like clothes and I like to have options. True story: Last year, my bag was 1lb over the weight limit, so I reached into my bag and pulled out my jewelry case. I put it back on the scale and I was 1.5lbs under the weight limit...I seriously wish I had a picture of my Dad's face in that moment, the shock/horror was priceless.
That being said, I need to make sure that I don't run into that issue again this year so a packing plan is a go for me. I already know that I need an outfit for...
running each morning

days at the beach

an afternoon at the ballpark/shopping/being a tourist

going out to dinner at night
(keeping in mind that even if it's hot during the day, it will feel much chillier as the temperature drops and the sun goes away)
I know my actual Spring Break plans might not be the most common, but the outfits that it requires are pretty much the same for any beach vacation coming your way. How do you fit all those outfits into one suitcase? Borrow space from your brothers! Just kidding...kind of. Here is a packing list to minimize stressing over that. A quick tip for this list is to make sure that your basics are wearable with a few combinations. Even if this means you pack all basics and jewelry to spice up an outfit, it will be worth saving the space.
Don't forget, this is the packing list of a chronic overpacker going on a trip requiring several outfit can make it on much less than this.
Also, pack efficiently, if you lay it out ahead of time, you will pack smarter and figure out what needs to go in the suitcase and what can be packed in a carry on.

Are you ready for Spring Break? Where are y'all escaping to for the week?


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  1. Unfortunately, I'm only going home for the week..but there are a few day trips to NYC and one to Philly! My mom is so lucky that I'm bringing home three weeks of dirty laundry (literally bringing home one clean shirt..), but if I was going somewhere "away" I'd have the same problem as you!