Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Did I Just Give Up Coffee?

This year for Lent I am...not giving up coffee. Yes, I might have a slight addiction, but I am fine with it. Caffeine is not stunting some miracle late growth spurt that would help me reach that 5'4" threshold that I am so close to, so for now, we are keeping caffeine and coffee in the picture.
That being said, choosing something to give up for lent can be tough. After years of trying and failing at various things, I think I have finally struck a balance this year. Choosing what to give up, or add, to your life can take some effort because it has to be realistic, and yet challenge you.
This year I am both adding and subtracting something from my life. I am going to add reading "The Word Among Us" every day since my dad bought me a subscription a couple of months ago and it has primarily served as a paperweight since then. I am also going to do low carb, no carb. Now, this second part is sort of confusing because of the nature of the lifestyle change. I am not cutting carbs completely for a few reasons: 1) they're in everything 2) whole-wheat pasta is cheap 3) I'm a poor college student
So what does this mean? I am going to avoid cookies, chips, and bread, etc as often as I can. If I am being totally honest, I am such a study and bored muncher that this will really help me to reevaluate my decisions when it comes to that. So instead of reaching for the bread basket at dinner, I will just have to wait for my entree and I'll have to substitute my late night cheez-its with carrots or another vegetable.
One thing that I really like about making such a conscious effort is that I will be constantly reminding myself about Lent and how Jesus gave up even more for me, than I have to for these 40 days.
What are you giving up?

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