Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Day at the Races

Break out the sundresses and oversized hats, it is horse race season! I almost forgot that Carolina Cup is on Saturday because it is so darn cold here, I can't even imagine wearing a sundress right now! That being said, I did just order my dress for Foxfield and I am so ready for my first trip to the race (I was running the Nike Women's Half in DC last year). As I've mentioned before, I go to the Fall Gold Cup in The Plains, VA every year, but Spring races have a totally different feel. Don't get me wrong, I love the Fall race style because by that point I am sort of ready for furs and riding boots, but right now I am dreaming of sunshine and sundresses.
Fortunately the dress code for most races in the spring is the same, and as long as you stick with a cute summery dress and a sunhat, you should blend right in! These races are as much a fashion show as they are about races, in fact for college kids it is definitely more about the socialization. Seriously, one of the items to do on the UVA graduation bucket list is to see a horse at Foxfield...
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer is going to be the most common designer you see, but really any sundress will do. I mentioned my love of Lauren James before and Vineyard Vines always has great options, too!
Shoes: A wedge is okay, but do not try to wear a stiletto in the grass, you'll ruin your shoes and look silly. Personally, I recommend sticking with a flat sandal in the interest of balance, especially due to potential alcohol consumption...
Sunhat: This is as much a fashion statement as it is practical. Spending an entire day in the sun can result in a pretty nice sunglass tan or burn if you aren't careful. 
Small Purse: You'll want to have your ID and other necessities handy, so keep this close by. A small crossbody will stay out of the way and still perform the job you need it to!
Sunscreen: Sundresses are much cuter than the tan/burn lines they leave behind! Make sure to at least apply some before you head out for the day!
Drinks: It's a marathon not a sprint, y'all. Try to keep that in mind, especially if it's pretty hot out. Also, drink some water in between alcoholic I sound like my Momma, oops.

Have FUN if you're going this weekend! I am so jealous, in large part because I just really want warm weather!


  1. Love this post! My sorority is have a Derby Days themed Founders Day in May! I'm working on getting my outfit together, so this post was wonderful!


  2. Ah I'm so excited for Foxfield! It was SO much fun last year, and now that I'll be better prepared with a hat and sunscreen, I'm sure I'll have even more fun! We'll have to meet up and at least take a picture or two! :)