Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Workspace {linkup}

First of all, thanks to Rebecca, Carlee, and Dorothy for hosting this linkup! I love seeing how other people get work done, and in what environment they thrive. Study and productivity preferences vary so much from person to person, and I know that I certainly have some preferences for where  I study.
A little disclaimer before I go any further though, most of these photos are of my desk, but to be honest I spend every week night in the library with my friend, Meghan. Sometimes I do accomplish work at my desk (I am doing it this morning), but for the most part, that is where I'm productive. I had to add this one pic below late because I totally forgot to take pictures when I was here yesterday, plus I love the desk (that I painted myself) in my apartment!
my spot in Club Clem this morning...
complete with coffee and a red solo cup of yogurt!
1) Where is your favorite workspace located?
The second floor of Clemons Library (UVA has a bunch of libraries, but this 24-hour one is my favorite). And yes, it has to specifically be the 2nd floor, I never work on the other floors, except for the occasional finals week studying on the 1st floor which is silent as the grave...ugh. Oh, and it's not pictured here, but I almost always have water and/or coffee with me when I am studying.
2) Do you prefer a sleek desk or are you more of an "organized chaos" kind of person?
I am very specific about working conditions being organized. My planner is color-coded and I make to-do lists all the time and that's reflected in workspace organization. I like for everything to look like it's geared towards productivity because it makes me feel like I can get more work done. On that note, that's why I work outside of my apartment. Whenever I work here, I super clean the place first so it's conducive to studying...yeah, it's a bit neurotic, oops.
3) What is your favorite writing utensil?
love Le Pen. I use them in my planner and when I am highlighting words in hand-written notes. They're bright and clean and the colors make it easy to distinguish what's going on throughout my week. 
4) Show us your calendar or agenda!
I have both a calendar and agenda, but the calendar is only for big events too look at at-a-glance. Oh, and my to-do list is as important as my agenda because it's a more detailed picture of every day. I also use iCal on my phone, does anyone else use this many organizational tools?
5) Just for fun, what are you looking forward to most about spring?
I am so excited for sandals, flowers, and getting back in shape!

Thanks for hosting the linkup, ladies!



  1. I love your space! Pink is my favorite color, and I love how you've incorporated it.


  2. I am obsessed with your desk - the navy and pink WITH the monogram! (it couldn't get any more perfect!) So glad you linked up! I loved reading your post.

    xoxo, Sydney