Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Beauty of Spring Tag!

Well, it feels a little strange to write this post when there's snow on the ground, but technically it is Spring, whether Mother Nature chooses to acknowledge it or not! Yesterday, Kaitlyn of Keeping Up with Kaitlyn tagged me in her blog post and I love the motivation to focus on Spring, despite the weather.
1) Do you change your makeup when Spring comes around? If so, how?
Confession: I don't really wear much makeup at all. I actually wore eyeshadow the last couple of weekends out and that was a big step for me, haha! I do change what little makeup I wear in the Spring in the sense that I make sure to always wear tinted moisturizer or BB Cream and sometimes will wash my face halfway through the day just to reapply it. A bad face burn several years back has made me a huge fan of makeup with SPF! I also will sometimes wear a shine control base lotion more often this time of year. Oh, and sometimes I throw on some mascara, too!
2) What's your favorite Spring fragrance?
I don't change my fragrance for the Spring, but maybe I should. I do put away my Chanel No. 5 for the season because it's too heavy, but I love Coco Mademoiselle and it's my other go-to scent.
3) What's going to be your favorite accessory this Spring?
This is really hard...can I just say everything? In all seriousness, I am attached to my sunglasses, a trait I inherited from my Momma, so I would have to say those are probably the most important accessory! Oh and of course, Jack Rogers too...
4) What's going to be your most worn item of clothing this Summer?
Sundresses, really any sundress! I have some Lilly cotton shifts that will make pretty frequent rounds and can be layered under a blazer for a business casual summer look. The number one item is always my platinum Jack Rogers though, I really need to replace them soon because they're falling apart since I wear them so often!
5) What are your top 3 favorite Spring polishes?
I love Essie Geranium as my go-to red polish this time of year. OPI Dutch Tulips is also a great color and was one of my Grandmama's favorites so I love wearing that too. Essie Watermelon is probably my favorite pink, but Essie Sugar Daddy is my staple polish year round and is a nice break from bright colors every once in a while.
6) Do you prefer pumps or sandals in the Spring?
Since I am at college, I am definitely partial to sandals! I love my Jack Rogers and summer wedges and can't wait to finally pull them out when this winter weather passes! That being said, I need a pedicure...
7) What's your favorite Spring jacket?
I am not big on jackets in the spring, usually just opting for a cardigan instead. However, I do bring my little Marley Lilly raincoat/windbreaker with me much of the time because it can fit in any bag and guarantees that I am ready for any April snow showers!
8) What's your favorite flower?
I absolutely love peonies, but as mentioned before, I really just love any flower that's fresh! My other favorite flower is probably Hydrangea, but it is so hard to choose! In the spirit of this being Spring though, one of my favorite stands at the Farmer's Market sells Dahlias and they are absolutely stunning, I love the variety of them!



  1. haha Kaitlyn tagged me, so I did it today too...and we have so many of the same answers!

  2. Hope you had fun with the survey! Peonies and Hydrangeas are my absolute favorites! I so adore fresh flowers!!

  3. Coco Mademoiselle is my absolute favourite scent! I love it year-round, but it's totally perfect for Spring.

    Sweet Spontaneity