Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Compulsive List-Maker

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed this line in my biography. Quite frankly, I think that little bio blurb on Instagram sums up my life pretty well. List making is something I got from my momma. She is an expert list-maker and for as long as I can remember told me to write out my chores, packing list, stuff I needed for the store, etc. I used to think it was a frivolous task, I mean, if I need it, I will remember it, right? Yeah, wrong. Stuff always slips through the cracks. I always forget to dust, or to bring your toothbrush because it seems insignificant compared to the big ticket items like laundry or pants. I hated having to make these lists, but now I owe Momma for making me do it.
I rediscovered my love for list-making in college. In High School, when I forgot something at home, Momma could remind me or run it up to school. These days, forgetting to bring your homework means a 20 minute walk back to the farthest corner of grounds (not kidding) to retrieve it. I make at least one list every day now, I sometimes run multiple lists at once and even reference cross-listing in my lists. Now, I am not saying that you need to become an OCD list-maker like me, but I definitely think it helps. I haven't quite mastered the "time-management: there are only so many hours in a day" concept, but baby steps for now. Mastering time-management is actually one of my resolutions this year.
I prefer to have a hard copy of my list because I love the feeling of crossing items off as I complete them. Regardless of your preferred medium, here are some tips I have come up with for making your to-do list!
  • Cute Stationary: I am a huge fan of school supplies (my momma only lets me start to buy them after a certain date before each school year) and I love cute stationary.  A cute notepad makes the five-mile long list a tad less daunting
  • Write in Black or Pencil: Why? This makes it boring! Yes, yes it does, but only until you take a bright colored pen and put a big line through it. There is nothing more rewarded than crossing something off your list
  • It Needs to be your Shadow: If you don't want to carry around a notepad all the time, that is totally understandable, just put it on your iPhone or Blackberry.  Always make sure you have it to reference and update.
  • Be Realistic: You will not write a 10 page paper, read 500 pages, work out, and have coffee and lunch dates in one day. I mean, if you think you can do that, snaps to you...but, for most of you, keep it realistic.
  • Keep the Tasks Small: This is totally a personal preference thing. I love crossing items off my list so, when I am doing something big, I break it down into a couple of parts so I actually feel like progress is being made. (i.e. a 100-page reading becomes 4 25-page reading)
  • Don't Skimp: Not only is your list a great way to organize, but it's a super helpful reminder.  There are days where I have so many things that I forget about big commitments, like class! Write down even the things you do routinely so that you account for them when realistically structuring your day. Plus you get to cross off more items and feel extra productive!
Now that you know how I like to make lists, and are probably judging me a bit, here are some of my favorite tools!
take note


Monday, February 25, 2013

Prettier, Smarter, Funnier, Younger.

There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, funnier, and younger than you. I call them my littles. TSM
Yes, this is a post dedicated to being a big. As I have mentioned before, I am a transfer student this year and one of the only things that has been consistent for me is Chi Omega. I joined at my old school and I re-affiliated here so I now I get to network with a whole new group of sisters and start my own family! I absolutely love my chapter at my new school, I was really worried about it when I was transferring because I had heard that sometimes transferring chapters wasn't very smooth, but I could not be happier here.  From my first impression of Chi O meeting Lindsay for coffee to touring the house (which I love) with Sarah, I knew I was home.  There was only one thing missing, my family.  To be honest, my big kind of stopped talking to me and I was feeling a bit lost without that bond.  Then all of the sudden, I get not just one, but two perfect littles.  Getting the phone call from our pledge mom was beyond exciting.  I burst into my friend's room freaking out so much she thought something was wrong and literally couldn't fall asleep that night. These girls are amazing and I am so blessed to start my family with them here. 
Big Sis Week was crazy busy for me, but it was totally worth it.  Of course, Emily caught me leaving her room the first day (not smooth, Erin, not smooth at all) but I had Meghan fooled through Friday when I revealed to them that they were twins.  How did I reveal that they were twins? With monogrammed bows that I made, naturally.  I have actually had several suggestions to name my family the monogram fam...wonder why.  

traditional standing above them pic...yeah, I am up on a bench #ShortGirlProblems

How cute are my chapter's letters? Lilly makes everything better!

I love my littles. They are the best. Okay, thanks for bearing with me while I gush!


Monday, We Meet Again

Mondays are awful. I know we all feel this way, but these next two weeks are my "hell weeks" for midterms and I really didn't want to get out of bed and kick that off. And, to add insult to injury (literally), I am hobbling around after completely wiping out on the sidewalk outside my sorority house last night. Yeah, I was just walking down the sidewalk, calling my momma, and suddenly I was sprawled out across the concrete blocking a car from pulling into the driveway next to the house. Then of course, I got up and tried to brush it off like it never happened, but that is hard to do when your knee is swelling up to the size of a grapefruit and your iPhone is shattered.
Hopefully that start to my week is the low was certainly embarrassing enough to be. I hope everyone else has a better kick off to their week than I did!
top: Francesca's // leggings: Lululemon // boots: Dibo // headband: H&M // scarf: H&M // watch: NY&Co. // bracelet: GroopDealz


Monday, February 18, 2013

on mondays, we wear monograms

Is monogram monday a thing? Can we make it a thing? Just a thought.
I am so sorry for neglecting my blog, this may be a trend this week. Why? Midnight tonight officially kicks of Big Sis Week! That's right, it is open season on Operation: Spoil My Little (while she doesn't know who I am). As I said before, I will not be sharing my crafts until this weekend/next week after reveals. In the meantime, I will be crafting my hands and head off. I am legitimately covered in paint, I feel like a puppy who digs in the mud...kind of? I don't know, it's late and I still have a lot to do, just ignore me.
So today was a rough Monday (aren't they all?), but I started it off by kicking over my friend's coffee (I bought her a new one because we ALL know how awful that is, especially on a Monday).  I rocked an oversized long-sleeve from my college and this wonderful monogrammed scarf that I got for football games in the fall since it's school colors. Technically, you could probably also say I was wearing paint...seriously, it is ridiculously obvious that I am crafting. As for my scarf, I got mine from Marley Lilly and I would recommend them to anyone who wants monogrammed items.  They have amazing customer service and make a grade-A product.  The best part about this scarf is that everyone was commenting on it and my orange hair bow, completely ignoring my Monday-bum look.  
Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Truth About Transferring

First of all, let me just start out by saying that this is not a pity post. I am not writing this for you to feel sorry for me, I am writing it so that people who are considering transferring know what to expect because I know the deadline is coming up soon (March 1st for most schools). It isn't the happiest of posts, so I won't blame you if you skip this one (I am posting a much happier post as soon as I get the chance!).
People ask me if I regret transferring, and the truth is, I don’t. But if you asked me if I would ever do it again, I’d immediately say no. If you are reading this and considering transferring, ask yourself one question: “Do I love what I am leaving behind?” and if your answer is yes, don’t go. I could not be more serious about this, you are about to embark on a really difficult transition and if all you can think about are the amazing people and experiences you left behind, it will be infinitely worse.
I transferred colleges this past fall. I changed my mind about my major last year and, on a whim, decided to apply to transfer. When I got in, I honestly didn’t know what my decision was because I loved my old school more than anything. I was so indecisive that I paid my deposit for my new school to secure my spot in May, told my friends I was transferring, and still made pros and cons lists. Despite that, in July I officially decided that I wanted to transfer and I made my deposit, telling myself “I am doing it for the right reasons.”
I would tell myself that a lot for the next several months, and I still tell myself that now. If I had a nickel for every time I told myself that I made the right decision I could probably pay for my tuition.
Even in my case, I knew that transferring meant leaving behind a lot. I don’t have an Adam to give me a hug when I have a freak out over math, no Shannon to have a Monday lunch date, no Taylor to drive to West Virginia with, just because, no Becca to talk about everything with, and the list goes on.  I cannot regret transferring because it opens up a can of worms I don’t want to deal with, but I could never do it again.

one of my favorite pictures with some of my favorite people (photo credit: Andy Cho)

The truth about transferring is that it sucks and the hardest part isn’t just what you’ve left behind but what you enter into. You will enter a situation where everyone has established themselves. They have friends and routines; meanwhile, you will be using the GPS on your phone to find classes to do your best to avoid looking like a freshman all over again.  The only friends you will make off the bat are other transfers because we all revert back to the safety in numbers idea when we get scared.
You will cry. In my case, you will cry a lot. You will wonder how you thought this was a good idea and why it is so difficult to make friends when it came so naturally last year.  Fridays aren’t for going out, they’re for Netflix and phone calls to your momma because, lets face it, you don’t have a group to go out with.
I don’t want to imply that everyone is rude and ignores you. People will be nice to you, but holy cow, it is hard to establish a friend group. Hopefully you will have a wonderful life-long friend who happens to be an RA in a nearby dorm and will act as your shrink when you need it (K-Soms, you are the best), but if you don’t, find someone else to talk to.
Basically, having no friends isn't fun and it's only worse when you miss your friends from your old school like crazy. I am trying to keep a positive outlook on it, and sometimes rock bottom isn't so bad because the only way to go is up. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
These anecdotes aren’t meant to dissuade you if you hate your school and all you want to do is escape, nor are they meant for people to feel sorry for me. This post is for those of you who aren’t sure if you want to transfer. I don’t want to scare you, I want to deliver the honest truth that I didn’t know before hand. Maybe you will transfer and it will all work out, and it does for many people. Some of us though, struggle with it. Some of us don’t have a smooth transition and, heck, still don’t have a smooth transition. It has improved a bit, especially now that I am officially affiliated with my sorority, but not by much. Maybe it is because I am not assertive around people I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I am that socially awkward (I really hope not), but regardless, I still feel pretty lost and alone.
The truth about transferring is that no two people have the same experience. The truth about transferring is that any attachment you had to your old school will grow ten-fold in retrospect. The truth about transferring is that it sucks.

I swear I am putting up a happier post soon!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Enamored with Enamel

Everyone who knows me could tell you that I basically live in my (faux) pearl studs. I rarely take them out and it actually takes some planning for me to switch them up on a day-to-day basis. They are just perfect, classy, timeless, and versatile I could rave on and on about pearls, but that would get boring and I wouldn't tell you anything you don't already know. 
My second favorite love is enamel earrings. Sure, I went through my "big drop earrings from Francesca's" phase, but those were so annoying and quite frankly I struggled to get them to go with all of my classic wardrobe. That was around the time I rediscovered enamel earrings, the preppy girl's solution to adding some pizzaz to her ears. They come in virtually every color, size, shape, and price range. Personally, I am a huge fan of Fornash, if you can't tell by my two pairs of green earrings from previous posts, but all of these are great. 
I love that I can still wear my pearl necklace and have some statement jewelry that pulls an outfit together. Basically what I am saying is that my knockoff J.Crew bubble necklaces (thanks, company in China...they rock!) and enamel earrings are a coping mechanism for my inability to stray from my classic, tried and true style. If this sounds like you, go get a pair or two of enamel earrings and a chunky statement necklace (troll the internet before you buy an expensive one though) and pretend like you accessorize with more variety than you do. 
Even if you already accessorize like you work at Bauble Bar, you should get a pair. Summer and sundress season are coming right around the corner (still in denial about bikini season...) and these earrings let you get your chunky jewelry fix without being a heavy necklace on a hot day.

(clockwise from top left)  Fornash // Swell Caroline // Tory Burch // Kate Spade // Fornash// Kate Spade // Stella & Dot 

I am coveting the elephants, bows, and monograms in particular. Which ones do you love?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bows, Tassels, and America

I am so sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday, but it was a crazy, busy but totally exciting day for me. First off, the weather was wonderful, it wasn't super warm, but regardless, I liked it. Second of all, and this is the primary reason I didn't get the post up, I found out about the addition to my family!!! No, not my bioligical family, my sorority family. That's right, it's little season, ladies and gents. I could not be more excited, seriously I burst into my friend's room squealing when I got the news. On that note, I am sorry if I don't blog every day for the next week or so, I have a ton of stuff to do for Big Sis Week and no time to do it!
Now that you know about my Tuesday, I will actually tell you about my outfit. I went with a patriotic look today. I love wearing red, white, and blue, like absolutely love it. It is tied for my favorite color combination with pink and green (if my blog didn't give that one away).  I'm patriotic, one of my best friends is just as, if not more, patriotic, so the color combo makes sense.  Seriously though, my bestie and I are partners in crime and we have some hilarious stories from the summer, most of which involve an activity relating to America in some way (i.e. Toby Keith concert or the Marine Barracks Sunset Parade).  Also, I called her Monday night, interrupting her watching Top Gun (again, Julia, so sorry about that), and my way of apologizing was to post the volleyball scene on her facebook wall. Haven't seen the movie and don't know what I am talking about? Well, here you go. And seriously, watch the movie, it's one of my all time favorites

Anyways, Happy Hump Day, y'all.
Top: H&M (similar) // Jeans: Gap // Headband: Target // Earrings: Target // Necklace: Charming Charlie // Watch: NY&Co. // Shoes: Target


Monday, February 11, 2013

Sock Bun Tutorial

Seriously, sock buns might be my favorite hairstyle ever! They are so convenient and they really take no time to do at all.  I made a tutorial vlog for those of you who don't know the secret to this super easy hairstyle. Sorry if it isn't the best, but honestly, I have never done one of these before. Also, sorry that I am rocking the no makeup and oversized frocket look today...what can I say, Mondays are rough!

Hair Donuts:
Ulta Conair "Bun Maker" kit
Sally Hansen


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Touch of Tweed

Okay, this is not what I wore all day. I went for a run this morning and wore workout clothes to run my errands and do homework this afternoon. I did change into this for chapter though. I don't know about your sorority (if you're in one) but we have formal chapter almost always. For those of you who don't know, formal chapter = dress to pin = business casual = death on a sunday when all you want to do is sit around in yoga pants. As much as I hate having to dress up and haul it across grounds on a Sunday night, I do miss dressing business casual on a regular basis like I had to last year at my old school so it I can't complain too much.
Today I brought back the sock bun. Why do I love the sock bun? Because it looks like I put hours of effort into a hairstyle that realistically took me 90 seconds and it pulls an outfit together. I hadn't been wearing one lately because I left my hair donut at home and I can't do it with an actual sock, but I finally picked up a new one and I am so glad I did. A couple of girls at chapter were asking how I do this and I am sure they aren't the only ones wondering, so I will post a tutorial video in the next couple of days (I have one I sent my friend, but it isn't the best so I'd rather re-record it if I get the chance).
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and has a great week ahead!
Jacket: TJ Maxx // Camisole: Target // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Old Navy // Bracelets: H&M // Headband: Nordstrom


Friday, February 8, 2013

My "Kate" Dress

So this is a bit embarrassing, but I totally bought this dress because it kind of looked like that gorgeous Issa dress Kate Middleton wore when she and Will announced their engagement. I didn't wear the dress for a while after getting it because I couldn't find something to wear under it that I liked. A white camisole was too stark of a contrast, black was obviously out of the question, and most other colors just seemed out of place with it. Finally I stumbled across this bandeau and just loved that the neutrality of it worked with the dress. Seriously, it was like Goldilocks 2.0.
Also embarrassing, I didn't know it snowed last night. I guess I was just really tired when I walked to class, because when I walked out of class, I was surprised to see the snow on the ground. This is also a testament to the fact that I cannot be held accountable for anything that happens before I have had my morning coffee.
I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and weekend. I will be crafting for my future little and watching West Wing basically 24/7 (yeah, I know, I lead a pretty crazy life).
Dress: H&M // Bandeau: Express // Tights: TJ Maxx // Boots: Etienne Aigner // Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick // Watch: Target // Necklace: Fornash (gold one; this is the long version which I also have, can't find the short one)

Side note about this outfit: normally I would wear plain brown patterened tights, but mine have a pull in them so it is time to retire them and make a TJ Maxx trip!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Wednesday, I Wore Pink

Sorry I didn't get this post up yesterday. Wednesdays are my absolute busiest days and on top of that I had a paper to write! Yesterday was an especially busy day because we woke up super early to take all the new babies to breakfast. Seeing as I stayed up until 1:30am, the last thing I wanted to do was get up and get dressed when my alarm went off. I was about to reach for the yogas and a baseball cap when I logged onto my blog and saw that on my "month-iversary" I had passed 2000 views. Well, that was all the motivation I needed and I scrapped the yogas (I am bumming it today though) and threw together this outfit. Now, I knew that although I wanted to dress nicely, I also know myself well enough to know that real pants just weren't happening. Instead I decided to pull this coat out and wear it as the focal point of my outfit. I wore a plain black cotton skirt and shirt underneath, but I never took my coat off since that was the point of the outfit. Seriously, I got this coat in High School and never really wore it until college but I love it. The details of it are just so cute and it was such a comfortable outfit
Now, I am going to go watch "Rebel Without a Cause" for my class today. <--this might just be my favorite homework assignment ever! I love a good classic movie, especially one with James Dean.
Coat: Nordstrom // Tights: TJ Maxx // Shoes: DSW

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Touch Of Spring

All I could think about yesterday was how ready I was for spring. Seriously, the tops of my feet were frozen thanks to those flats. And today, it appears as though my wish has come true. I am walking around without being bundled up in a jacket for the first time in a long time. I realize that asking for shorts and sweater weather is a bit much, but as long as I get to ditch the down parka, I really can't complain.
Side note: I realize it looks like I wear the same pair of jeans basically all the time. I don't, but I love Gap Jeggings, so I have multiple pairs!

Blazer: Target (not the same, but super cute) // Jeans: Gap // Boots: Etienne Aigner // Watch: NY&Co. // Bracelets: acquired over the years

Monday, February 4, 2013

All Tied Up With String

I am very picky about my jewelery.  Almost every day, I wear my pearl necklace and earrings (fake, yeah...I'd lose real ones) and my claddagh ring.  I then change up my watch, bracelets, and whether or not I am wearing a second ring.  It may be boring, but it works for me and that's what counts.  One of my absolute favorite bracelets is my Kiel James Patrick Triton Collection Bracelet.  It is so cute and handmade in the United States.  

(clockwise from top) Swifty Slyfied // Mariner and Cape Poge Bay // Oliver Hazard // Old Cartagena // Pelican Veranduh (collage done on Polyvore)

Kiel James Patrick gets help running the company from his long-time girlfriend Sarah Vickers and I just adore them. Seriously, they are the cutest preppy couple ever!  Along with their friends, they do all their own modeling and all of them have equally perfect preppy style.  Basically, I just want to be their friend haha.  And if you like Sarah's style, she runs a great blog featuring all of her outfits and fabulous designer clothing! Of course, not only are they amazing, but the company produces a great product and, according to one of my friends, their customer service is also wonderful.  Right now I am trying to decide which bracelet I want next and, I know this will totally shock my friends, but I am thinking that I need a Vicker's Bow Bracelet.  What do you think?


Like Mother, Like Daughter

In case you ever wondered where my love of shopping and fashion comes from, just look in my momma's closet(s). Seriously, I come by it honestly. When we moved over winter break, our wardrobes probably accounted for a quarter of the move alone. I don't think that the men of the house had any appreciation for how much we had prior to this break, honestly, I don't think we even realized it. Why am I mentioning this? Today I am wearing a new shirt. Well it's new to me, actually technically it was totally new since it still had the tags on it, but my momma is definitely the one who bought it and somehow it ended up with my stuff and I liked the ruffles so I kept it. I mean, it isn't like she is going to miss it! She has great taste and I can't wait to have a big girl job one day and get to dress all business-y like her haha. (Please note: when I say she has good taste, that excludes her poofy, 80s fashion wedding dress and hair...though the lace detailing is gorgeous) Anyways, I am thankful to my momma for my fashion sense, I am also thankful we are the same size. Some people say we are the same person, but that is just because we look, sound, and act alike...okay yeah, we are pretty similar. There is no one I'd rather be compared to than her though. If people tell you that you're similar to the person you look up to the most, you must be doing something right.
Top: Momma (Lord and Taylor probably?) // Jeans: Gap // Watch: NY&Co. // Shoes: TJ Maxx


Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Going to Disney World!

Ladies and Gents,
It is that time of year again.  The time when families bring out their secret recipes, everyone gathers around the TV, and we all eat more than we care to admit.  No, it's not Thanksgiving, it's Super Bowl Sunday.  
I have a mild obsession with sports...just a little.  For example, most people go to Florida for spring break with their friends and drink boat drinks, I go with my dad to watch the Yankee's Spring Training. But today is one of those days where it doesn't matter what you care about the other 364 days of the year.  Today everyone is a sports fan.  Whether you are cheering for a team, a particular player, or just for the clock to wind down so you can see Beyonce tear up that stage at halftime, you're cheering for something.  This year I am going to be a Ravens fan, seeing as my beloved Redskins fell in the playoffs after a miracle season behind Robert Griffin III and I am going to miss the Ray Lewis dancing. Update: after getting an upset text from one of my best friends (Steelers fan...from Baltimore) I have decided that I am more cheering for Ray Lewis, a great game and a killer Beyonce halftime show than the Ravens in particular (happy, shannon? haha) Let's be real, I'm sad the Redskins aren't in it, and thrilled the Patriots can't win it.
And, trust me, even if you think you don't know football, you know more than some people.  In high school, I had some of my girlfriends over for the game and one of them asked me: "What is it called when you run into that big area down there with the logo?" yeah, she was asking about a touchdown. I thought hoped she was kidding when she asked...oh dear.  Just in case that stumped you as much as it did my friend, or you think that American football and soccer are the same thing, here is a link that should teach you what you need to know before you watch the game: Beginner's Guide to Football
Even someone who doesn't get the game can appreciate other parts of Super Bowl Sunday.  One of my favorite parts of Super Bowl Sunday is the food.  I love bar food, simple as that.  Put some nachos and wings in front of me and I am all set.  Today, though, is one of those days where you can have fun  and mix up the bar food since you're the chef (unless you watch the game at a bar, I guess).  There are so many great recipes out there, and I am sure that most of you have already planned yours and are not a procrastinator planning to go to the grocery store on game day, like me.
And you don't have to wear a jersey to get in the spirit, either.  Although I am debating wearing my old-school Darrell Green jersey, I will probably just try to represent the ravens with a cute outfit.
Don't know what colors the teams are? Don't worry:
Ravens: Purple, Black, Gold, White
49ers: Red and Gold
Seriously, don't wear red if you're in Baltimore or Purple if you're in San Francisco unless you love that team, you WILL piss off the die-hard fans.

So throw together some nachos, potato skins, wings, chill those brewskis and wait to see which Quarterback is going to Disney World.