Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Luck, Chuck

Yesterday I was at the sorority house looking at formal dresses and shoes with one of my sisters and she mentioned that she was getting white converse to wear with rolled up pants, etc. and it got me thinking about the shoes I bought to go fishing in Tampa, and how I should incorporate them into my outfits. Now, I don't have actual Converse sneakers, though I do love them, but my $17 Target shoes are an acceptable substitute for how often I'll realistically wear them and the chances that I spill something on them.
I love this relaxed look that these shoes give an outfit and there quite practical for walking around grounds all day! Or studying in the library all day...seriously, though. Fun story, my friend Meghan and I showed up at the library this morning before it opened, how sad is that? At least we came bearing Starbucks and Bodo's, right? Yay for productivity!

Today I went with Ponte pants and my sneakers for the library, but I think that they can have a cute, feminine look with a skirt or dress as well. Wearing them with rolled up jeans is also perfect for transition weather to Spring as the morning stay chilly until the sun comes out.

How do you style your converse?

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