Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Sales and Discount Codes

Happy Black Friday! I hope you are all up and ready to shop some sales. If you're like me and choose to avoid the mall like the plague on Black Friday, don't worry because there are plenty of sales for you to shop from the comfort of your couch while you eat your Thanksgiving leftovers. To be honest, I am actually braving the mall today because I totally spaced on getting my eyebrows done when I was up there on Wednesday and with my Dad's wedding this weekend, I need to get them done! So without further ado, here are some of my favorite black Friday sales!

Everything is 40% off so now is a great time to stock up on cute presents for all your girlfriends...and grab some smoking slippers for yourself.

Get 20% off your purchase with this code. Everything in Mackenzie's shop is adorable, but I am currently loving these Amy Stone prints

Everything is 50% off and you get free shipping on orders over $50.

25% off sitewide, plus they still have that Surprise Sale of up to 75% off going on!

Up to 50% off everything plus and additional 15% off if you use the code.

It's like one of their giant GNO (girls night out) events, but sitewide! You don't want to miss out on this one!

The store is 50% off and these leather pants are so cute. I have been looking for a great pair of leather leggings for a while and these are just the right price!

This code ends at 9am and I don't know what comes after it yet, but this is a pretty sweet deal!

Any other sales I should add to this? Happy Shopping, y'all!

Be Thankful and Decorate Your Table

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some turkey, hug your family, and remember how blessed you are for all the good in your life! Last night we had some family friends over for dinner and it was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday. Today the family is coming in town and we will all eat some food, watch some football, and the boys will compete in the infamous Turkey Bowl.
I am going to go downstairs to get some coffee and help momma in the kitchen, but I will be back to full blogging tomorrow! But, before I go, here is some (p)inspiration for decorating your Thanksgiving table (a task Gillie and I are assigned to every year). 


Monday, November 24, 2014

What's on my Christmas List?

I think by now we have established that I love the Holiday season and I love picking out presents for my friends and family. I will share the presents I am getting for some of my lovely friends soon, but I have to put that off because they are so great and support my blog and therefore it will be totally spoiled if I put it up here before they get them! However, it is not too soon to start on gift guides for myself that I can give to my momma. I don't know about your parents, but Bridge always wants my list ahead of time. Last year she just bought everything I had in my J. Crew cart, haha!
Here are some suggestions based on what I'm asking for on my list this year. Some of them are things I already have but think everyone should also get! Seriously, I wish I had bought my J. Crew coat a couple of years ago because I love being able to swap out my parka on days when it isn't quite as cold!
you can find links to everything here

What's on your list this year? I would love suggestions of other things to add!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tis the Season to be...Tacky!

Tis the wear a tacky Christmas sweater, ya filthy animal! I love tacky Christmas sweater parties because I always think it is so funny to see what people end up wearing. Thanks to Pinterest, there are all sorts of creative ideas out there for what to wear, but just wearing a classic sweater works in my book. I have one that I got at Walmart last year and I love it, especially when paired with some tacky earrings and a giant bow or antlers in my hair (go big or go home, right?)
holi-dazed with part of the fam
If you are still in the market for a sweater, here are some of my favorites. I know a lot of people who have gotten sweaters at Goodwill or random thrift stores, but most of those are probably picked over by now so these might be your best bet.
find all these sweaters here
Or, you can always get Pinterest creative. I actually debated making a costume for our date function on Thursday but Santa's face won out in the end. Oh, you can also get super creative and make a dress out of wrapping paper like my grandlittle. I'm talking panels and all for the was so impressive.
What is your go-to tacky christmas party outfit?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: for the Guys

Happy belated Birthday to my baby brothers! They have officially survived their teenage years and are now mature...or something like that. Of course their birthday got me thinking about presents, especially with Christmas right around the corner. The boys and I tend to do Birthmas presents for each other since we have later fall birthdays and that way we can spend more on presents...of course this is all relative because we are broke college students!
All the gifts I included here are under $100 so they are perfect for any college student or recent graduate to give without breaking the bank. Actually, they're perfect for really any budget because they are all great gifts, even if only for a stocking stuffer!
find all these awesome gifts here!
Personally, I know that Kyle and Nate will love anything preppy or America-themed so there is a bit of a bias in this list. Usually, I get them a sweater from LL Bean because those are their favorite sweaters, especially in that Blacksburg cold! Oh and that belt, how perfect for the boys who love to fish?!? (Hopefully they don't choose to read this post and spoil what very well may be one of their presents this year)

Any other gift ideas? I would love some other choices of things to get them!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bridesmaid Revisited

Have you seen that movie 27 Dresses? Well, if not, you should really do it as soon as possible. It is such a cute chick flick and will remind you how much you love to sing Bennie and the Jets at karaoke night. Anyways, in the movie, she has a closet with all her bridesmaid dresses hung up and I can't help but think how much that must stink. I mean, you spend money on a dress, take a bunch of pictures in it, and then it just sits in a closet never to be used again, especially when the dress has a more formal look to it!
You can't always help whether or not you like the dress you're wearing, but if you do like the dress, why not wear it again? I picked the dress I am wearing for the wedding because I know I can wear it again at a later date for a cocktail party or other semi-formal event. One place that you can get a great dress that can be repurposed is Weddington Way. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago about restyling bridesmaid dresses and I knew it was a dilemma I could definitely relate to. They have so many wonderful dresses and it is really easy to pick one that goes with your needs using their filters. 
link to this set
Personally, I love this cute cocktail dress that I picked out to repurpose based on the outfit I'll be wearing in my dad's wedding a week from Saturday. I kept my accessories neutral for the wedding itself, but I love dressing it up for a fun cocktail hour reception later on. The wedding I am in is in the morning and that was one of the main reasons I am keeping the colors neutral, but a cocktail hour calls for some fun accessories!
Have any of you restyled a bridesmaid dress? I would love to know what you did!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five: Making the Most of Things

Sometimes it stinks having to be responsible. I know that I am a fourth year, but I just can't escape the stress of classes and other things in life. Instead of going to Knoxville for the weekend to visit my best friend, I am stuck in the library at school and going home for a night. Making the choice was a huge letdown, but it was the right thing to do.

We've all heard that expression "when God closes a door, he opens a window," and I think this article really embodies that. It is so easy to lose perspective or get discouraged when something doesn't go your way, but maybe we should just look at the positive in the

How cute are these mugs? Last year I used getting my Alice+Olivia mug as motivation to write a final paper...hey, a little self-reward never hurt anyone.

Three: Quote

The Old Navy sale goes through Saturday and if you are looking for something to get, look no further. I ordered this cardigan for finals because it is long, soft, and neutral so it basically goes with any color scheme soooo I will be living in it during finals!

Five: Sam Hunt sings "Come Over"

In case you were wondering who I am playing on repeat these days, it is definitely Sam Hunt! He is a former college QB and moved to Nashville after college to write music and eventually got a recording contract, too. He wrote "Come Over" which is definitely one of my favorite, if not my favorite, recent Kenny Chesney song and he does such a good job of it! (I also recommend "We Are Tonight")


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mad For Plaid

In typical Virginia fashion, the weather went from the mid-60s over the last couple of days to being in the 40s all weekend. I don't dislike fall weather, but I do like a little regularity in my forecast. One of the nice things about the weather getting colder is my wardrobe getting to circulate a bit. I am so ready to break out wool sweaters and my new coat for class in the mornings. I am also ready for plaid! Plaid is one of those patterns that can work year round in certain capacities, but it always comes back to reminding me of curling up with a cozy blanket by the fire in the winter. This time of year, you can find plaid items from coffee cups to blankets to flannel shirts. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to featuring this winter classic. 
Find all these items here!
I just got the plaid flats from Old Navy for $12.50 during their big sale going on now! Online they are a bit more expensive, but I got my pair in the store on Monday for 50% off, so it might be worth stopping by a location close to you!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five: Kate Middleton Shoes

Happy Friday Friends. I spent last night trying to get my life back together by reorganizing my closet and most of my room. Some days you just need a night off to get everything in order. 

1) News Anchor Dances to "Where They At Doe?"

My friend, Logan, shared this with me a couple of days ago and I think I watched it 5 times in a row. Now there are a couple of other videos of him dancing while his co-anchor gives him the evil eye, but this one is still my favorite. He is so dorky and just having a great time without caring what people think. Seriously, he makes me want to join in and embarrassing myself is literally my least favorite thing in the world.

This article is pretty well done and as an entrepreneur in the early stages of a business, I loved reading about the advantages of being one. "If no one's calling you crazy, then you're not thinking big enough." I don't think everyone has to be an entrepreneur, but I feel like entrepreneurs are the ones with the stories we use to inspire ourselves in all professional, and even personal, endeavors so why not think like one?

My roommate posted this on my wall and another friend texted it to me so obviously this had to make the cut today. I was cracking up the whole time I read this list because it is all so true. I mean, I know there are names that have way more struggles than mine, but it is hilarious how many struggles there are for a fairly common, four-letter name! Also, one of the women at another store in the chain that I work at thinks my name is "Anne" not "Erin" and always calls me Annie-Bananie...I just go with it now.

I am a notoriously indecisive person so this blog post title immediately drew me in. The information in this post is not exactly news, but it is always nice to get some perspective on life and decision-making from someone you admire. 

Also known as the Duchess Catherine shoe...
I got these shoes for my dad's wedding because I figured if they are comfortable enough for the Duchess to wear to all those engagements, they are comfortable enough for me. They came in yesterday and before I've even broken them in I can tell they are going to be a great shoe.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sugar Snap Pearls' Guide to Being Basic

Last weekend I was a Starbucks Latte for Halloween. I was pretty proud of it so naturally it wound up on Instagram...and the next morning it ended up on another Instagram account because of how basic my costume was...
Yep, I was named Basic B*tch of the Day. Since I am clearly an expert on the subject, I thought I would share some tips on how you can one day earn the title Basic Betch of the Day:
Instagram your Starbucks (bonus points if it's the red holiday cup)
Listen to Taylor Swift's new album while you work out on the elliptical
Eat froyo
Have a wine night
Spend your early lecture perusing's too early to function
Add more pins to your Wedding Pinterest Board even though you're single
Determine important life decisions with Buzzfeed quizzes
Wear workout clothes to class with no intention of going to the gym
Feeling like no one but Taylor Swift understands you
Actually taking the time to decide which oversized tshirt to wear to class
Pose for "candids" with your friends
Take selfies with your friends (bonus points if you do a duck face)
Duck boots or Hunter wellies if there is a 20% chance of rain...don't forget the monogrammed rain coat
Use mason jars for anything but canning
Brunch with bottomless mimosas
Pumpkin Spice anything
Netflix Binge on Chick Flicks
Obsess over Paris because it's just such a romantic city
Have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence...she's so cool
Own at least one Naked palette
Wear Uggs and Yoga Pants on those days when you just can't even

What are your basic betch tips?

P.S. This post is meant to be funny...please don't be offended

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

These Flats are on Point

How is it that I am in my last year of college and still making rookie mistakes like breaking in shoes on a long day of classes? This is why I should have my morning coffee before I get ready in the morning! Anyways, although I am currently debating how I am going to get home, I absolutely love these cute flats I got at Target a couple of weeks ago. Everyone knows that a pointed heel on a shoe can make your legs look longer and leaner, so why not get flats with the same effect? I tend to wear flats and jeans during transitional weather because I feel like my boots get too hot throughout the day and I can cuff my jeans as the day goes on if it gets too hot! Plus you can continue to enjoy your flats throughout the late fall and winter when you want to give your boots a rest.
original pin
original pin
original pin
original pin
Personally, my favorite pair of flats is the J. Crew Emery Flat. I have them in nude and have absolutely worn them into the ground because they are so cute and comfortable!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Hints of the Holidays

So on Saturday, I bought a Christmas ornament at work and today I am using my free drink to indulge in my first peppermint mocha of the season because I have missed those red cups quite a bit. I know it's early for Christmas to most, and I am not the biggest fan of decorating before Thanksgiving, but in college, I feel like we always miss out on Christmas things because everyone disappears into that deep, dark hole we call finals. Plus, my apartment is looking a little sad without all of our Halloween decorations.

I am not ready to break out the Christmas carols ( not start playing Jingle Bells before Thanksgiving) or Christmas tree, but there are a few little hints of the holidays that you can start to indulge in now without getting too much into the Christmas spirit before the appropriate time.

Red Nail Polish: This is totally acceptable all fall, so it is nice and subtle. A rich, cranberry red is the perfect touch of Christmas red without being overbearing.
Fair Isle Sweaters: So this llama sweater isn't exactly traditional fair isle, but I just really love it. I saw it last year and never got around to ordering it, so I plan to pick it up this year on J. Crew Factory's website. Any fair isle sweater is appropriate for the November cold that is going to start creeping in here soon...I mean, unless it's crazy Christmas.
The Nutcracker: This is for studying purposes only. I will make an exception for this, because classical music is good for studying and my friend, Logan, pointed out that adding this to the study mix was pretty harmless. Don't get carried away on this one...
Starbucks Red Cups: They're back and if you want to go to Starbucks, you're gonna have to just accept that you will be the recipient of a Christmas cup. And I mean, since the Christmas cups are out, I guess a Peppermint Mocha wouldn't hurt...
Christmas Cookie Candle: So your house smells like sugar cookies? That's not too Christmas-y. I don't break out the sugar cookie candles year round, so this is a special occasion type of thing for me.
Ornaments: Please note that I said ornaments, not Christmas trees. I actually bought an adorable moose ornament from the store I work at that goes with the other ornaments I have at home. It just made sense...right?