Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting in the Mood for Spring

Whoops! I went MIA. However, this weekend was plenty fun and totally worth it! We had a date function on Friday which was really just Chi Os plus dates dressed up to watch the UVA v. Coastal Carolina game at a bar...not complaining! And then last night was one of my friends' 21st birthday party at my apartment so I had to do some prep for that and time just got away from me. Oh, and that weather? Can it come I am so ready for Spring. Since I am pining for Spring, here are some of my favorite spring related things from the week to get you in the mood too!

1) $1.50 Daffodils
Yeah, that's right, they're only $1.50 at Trader Joe's and mine bloomed almost immediately and add a lovely pop of color to my room. Gosh, I love Spring!

I would love one of these seersucker gems for Foxfields! Seriously, could they be any cuter? That being said, I am a bit worried because of Virginia's unpredictable weather and the fact that the bow might not look as cute under a cardigan or rain coat. Also, sorta can't afford one...I will take donations if someone wants to buy one for me?

3) Spring Cleaning
Hosting Dawson's party was the perfect excuse to clean, and it was such a great day to do it. I had all the windows opened and was cleaning, redecorating, and getting in the spirit of Spring! I love what I did with my mantle especially. The mantle decorations are especially important to me because it's in my direct line of sight from my bed so I like when it looks pretty! Oh, and I put away my wool sweaters, I don't care if it's snowing on more turtlenecks for me.

I love all of Carly's posts, and if she can welcome Spring up in NYC, then I think we can do it where the weather is a bit warmer as well.

5) Jimmy Buffett
Absolutely nothing puts me more in the mindset of warm weather than listening to some Buffett. I was raised listening to his music and still love it to this day. Gosh what I'd give to be tanning on a beach right now...


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  1. Oh those seersucker dresses are adorable!! When is foxfields?! I've always wanted to go!