Monday, March 31, 2014

Maxed Out: Styling Maxi Skirts

Happy Opening Day, Happy 21st Birthday Meghan, Happy Warm Weather Day...HAPPY DAY! Y'all, this is actually one of the best Mondays ever, and you know I mean it because I do not like Mondays, ever.
Over Spring Break my momma and I ventured down to Old Town Alexandria for a day of shopping and came across an awesome sale at the Gap outlet. One of the items I got was a cotton maxi skirt and I only wish that I'd realized how awesome these are sooner! These skirts are perfect for transitioning weather as it was chilly when I left this morning (40 degrees) but by the mid-afternoon when I walk home it'll be 70 degrees! Maxi skirts are so easy to style and you can change up the look of them so many different ways. Oh, and whean I was looking for skirts for this post, I came across Target's collection of them for around $ great is that? If you don't already have a cotton maxi skirt, go get one now. They're the perfect solution for looking more put together than you feel on a Monday morning!
And just in case you need a bit more convincing, these skirts can be styled as more than just a casual, running errands look. You can also throw on a nicer blouse and dress it up for a nicer event, even the office! These skirts come in cotton, chiffon, silk, etc. and the possibilities for styling them is endless.
Any other maxi skirt fans out there?


Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Workspace {linkup}

First of all, thanks to Rebecca, Carlee, and Dorothy for hosting this linkup! I love seeing how other people get work done, and in what environment they thrive. Study and productivity preferences vary so much from person to person, and I know that I certainly have some preferences for where  I study.
A little disclaimer before I go any further though, most of these photos are of my desk, but to be honest I spend every week night in the library with my friend, Meghan. Sometimes I do accomplish work at my desk (I am doing it this morning), but for the most part, that is where I'm productive. I had to add this one pic below late because I totally forgot to take pictures when I was here yesterday, plus I love the desk (that I painted myself) in my apartment!
my spot in Club Clem this morning...
complete with coffee and a red solo cup of yogurt!
1) Where is your favorite workspace located?
The second floor of Clemons Library (UVA has a bunch of libraries, but this 24-hour one is my favorite). And yes, it has to specifically be the 2nd floor, I never work on the other floors, except for the occasional finals week studying on the 1st floor which is silent as the grave...ugh. Oh, and it's not pictured here, but I almost always have water and/or coffee with me when I am studying.
2) Do you prefer a sleek desk or are you more of an "organized chaos" kind of person?
I am very specific about working conditions being organized. My planner is color-coded and I make to-do lists all the time and that's reflected in workspace organization. I like for everything to look like it's geared towards productivity because it makes me feel like I can get more work done. On that note, that's why I work outside of my apartment. Whenever I work here, I super clean the place first so it's conducive to studying...yeah, it's a bit neurotic, oops.
3) What is your favorite writing utensil?
love Le Pen. I use them in my planner and when I am highlighting words in hand-written notes. They're bright and clean and the colors make it easy to distinguish what's going on throughout my week. 
4) Show us your calendar or agenda!
I have both a calendar and agenda, but the calendar is only for big events too look at at-a-glance. Oh, and my to-do list is as important as my agenda because it's a more detailed picture of every day. I also use iCal on my phone, does anyone else use this many organizational tools?
5) Just for fun, what are you looking forward to most about spring?
I am so excited for sandals, flowers, and getting back in shape!

Thanks for hosting the linkup, ladies!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Luck, Chuck

Yesterday I was at the sorority house looking at formal dresses and shoes with one of my sisters and she mentioned that she was getting white converse to wear with rolled up pants, etc. and it got me thinking about the shoes I bought to go fishing in Tampa, and how I should incorporate them into my outfits. Now, I don't have actual Converse sneakers, though I do love them, but my $17 Target shoes are an acceptable substitute for how often I'll realistically wear them and the chances that I spill something on them.
I love this relaxed look that these shoes give an outfit and there quite practical for walking around grounds all day! Or studying in the library all day...seriously, though. Fun story, my friend Meghan and I showed up at the library this morning before it opened, how sad is that? At least we came bearing Starbucks and Bodo's, right? Yay for productivity!

Today I went with Ponte pants and my sneakers for the library, but I think that they can have a cute, feminine look with a skirt or dress as well. Wearing them with rolled up jeans is also perfect for transition weather to Spring as the morning stay chilly until the sun comes out.

How do you style your converse?

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Friday Five: Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Let's Play Ball! Yes, ladies and gents, it is that time of year again, probably my favorite time of year. March 31st is officially Opening Day for MLB (though there's a game on the 30th) and I am so ready. One of the best and worst things about spending my Spring Break in Florida is that I get a taste of baseball and warm weather again, only to have to come home and anxiously await it's arrival in Charlottesville.
Before I go any further though, I just want to make sure that all y'all are going to tune in to see the Virginia Basketball Team beat Michigan State tonight! The game is at 9:57 (late, I know...) and everyone should be in their best blue and orange ready to cheer on the Cavaliers! Anyways, in honor of Opening Day, today's Five on Friday is baseball themed to get you ready for the season ahead.
Is it even remotely surprising that I am kicking off this list with my main man? Nope. Well, this is Derek Jeter's last season as a professional baseball player and my Yankees are going to rely on him pretty heavily in that infield with weak support at 2nd and 3rd. (hopefully Teixeira has a good season at 1st though). This farewell tour is going to be rough since we are just getting over the loss of Mo, but I'm confident that I speak for all Yankees fans when I say that we are so grateful for all the years, rings, and memories with him! #2 on the field, but #1 in our hearts!
This was actually a White House petition and it received its 100,000 signatures much faster than anticipated. As a result, President Obama's White House will have to decide if the Opening Day of America's Favorite Pastime is worthy of a national holiday.
Sports Illustrated compiled a list of the 10 games to watch in 2014 for those of you who are interested in watching more than just the team you're a diehard fan for. Notice the Yankees are absent from this list, yet another sign of the struggles that seem to await us this season. That being said, I think Derek Jeter's final game as a Yankee is going to be one to watch (through blurry tear-filled eyes) as the last of the Core Four heads to retirement.
Tired of looking at your abysmal March Madness bracket? Well sign up for's Beat the Streak. The longest hitting streak in the MLB is held by a former Yankee, Joe DiMaggio, and it stands at 56 games. In this online MLB game, or app, you will pick a player (or double down with 2) each day and if they get a hit, your streak is extended by one. It is a fun game to play, even if you end up getting your streak busted pretty early. Plus this year there are scratch-off prizes for short streaks as well! I think it's a fun way to keep up with how players around the league are performing, so if you're a baseball fan this is definitely worth checking out.
Guess what? We can stop giving the Yankees so much flack about financing a huge payroll because this year, the Dodgers are doing it even bigger. Yes, for the first time in 15 years, the Yankees do not have the highest payroll by $33 million...which means that even if A-Roid wasn't banned, the Dodgers would still claim that title. Oh, and the Yankees are the highest-valued franchise in America, so really their payroll is proportional to what they bring in, right? Yes, it's a bit of a stretch...
Are you ready for baseball to start?
Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Day at the Races

Break out the sundresses and oversized hats, it is horse race season! I almost forgot that Carolina Cup is on Saturday because it is so darn cold here, I can't even imagine wearing a sundress right now! That being said, I did just order my dress for Foxfield and I am so ready for my first trip to the race (I was running the Nike Women's Half in DC last year). As I've mentioned before, I go to the Fall Gold Cup in The Plains, VA every year, but Spring races have a totally different feel. Don't get me wrong, I love the Fall race style because by that point I am sort of ready for furs and riding boots, but right now I am dreaming of sunshine and sundresses.
Fortunately the dress code for most races in the spring is the same, and as long as you stick with a cute summery dress and a sunhat, you should blend right in! These races are as much a fashion show as they are about races, in fact for college kids it is definitely more about the socialization. Seriously, one of the items to do on the UVA graduation bucket list is to see a horse at Foxfield...
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer is going to be the most common designer you see, but really any sundress will do. I mentioned my love of Lauren James before and Vineyard Vines always has great options, too!
Shoes: A wedge is okay, but do not try to wear a stiletto in the grass, you'll ruin your shoes and look silly. Personally, I recommend sticking with a flat sandal in the interest of balance, especially due to potential alcohol consumption...
Sunhat: This is as much a fashion statement as it is practical. Spending an entire day in the sun can result in a pretty nice sunglass tan or burn if you aren't careful. 
Small Purse: You'll want to have your ID and other necessities handy, so keep this close by. A small crossbody will stay out of the way and still perform the job you need it to!
Sunscreen: Sundresses are much cuter than the tan/burn lines they leave behind! Make sure to at least apply some before you head out for the day!
Drinks: It's a marathon not a sprint, y'all. Try to keep that in mind, especially if it's pretty hot out. Also, drink some water in between alcoholic I sound like my Momma, oops.

Have FUN if you're going this weekend! I am so jealous, in large part because I just really want warm weather!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Beauty of Spring Tag!

Well, it feels a little strange to write this post when there's snow on the ground, but technically it is Spring, whether Mother Nature chooses to acknowledge it or not! Yesterday, Kaitlyn of Keeping Up with Kaitlyn tagged me in her blog post and I love the motivation to focus on Spring, despite the weather.
1) Do you change your makeup when Spring comes around? If so, how?
Confession: I don't really wear much makeup at all. I actually wore eyeshadow the last couple of weekends out and that was a big step for me, haha! I do change what little makeup I wear in the Spring in the sense that I make sure to always wear tinted moisturizer or BB Cream and sometimes will wash my face halfway through the day just to reapply it. A bad face burn several years back has made me a huge fan of makeup with SPF! I also will sometimes wear a shine control base lotion more often this time of year. Oh, and sometimes I throw on some mascara, too!
2) What's your favorite Spring fragrance?
I don't change my fragrance for the Spring, but maybe I should. I do put away my Chanel No. 5 for the season because it's too heavy, but I love Coco Mademoiselle and it's my other go-to scent.
3) What's going to be your favorite accessory this Spring?
This is really hard...can I just say everything? In all seriousness, I am attached to my sunglasses, a trait I inherited from my Momma, so I would have to say those are probably the most important accessory! Oh and of course, Jack Rogers too...
4) What's going to be your most worn item of clothing this Summer?
Sundresses, really any sundress! I have some Lilly cotton shifts that will make pretty frequent rounds and can be layered under a blazer for a business casual summer look. The number one item is always my platinum Jack Rogers though, I really need to replace them soon because they're falling apart since I wear them so often!
5) What are your top 3 favorite Spring polishes?
I love Essie Geranium as my go-to red polish this time of year. OPI Dutch Tulips is also a great color and was one of my Grandmama's favorites so I love wearing that too. Essie Watermelon is probably my favorite pink, but Essie Sugar Daddy is my staple polish year round and is a nice break from bright colors every once in a while.
6) Do you prefer pumps or sandals in the Spring?
Since I am at college, I am definitely partial to sandals! I love my Jack Rogers and summer wedges and can't wait to finally pull them out when this winter weather passes! That being said, I need a pedicure...
7) What's your favorite Spring jacket?
I am not big on jackets in the spring, usually just opting for a cardigan instead. However, I do bring my little Marley Lilly raincoat/windbreaker with me much of the time because it can fit in any bag and guarantees that I am ready for any April snow showers!
8) What's your favorite flower?
I absolutely love peonies, but as mentioned before, I really just love any flower that's fresh! My other favorite flower is probably Hydrangea, but it is so hard to choose! In the spirit of this being Spring though, one of my favorite stands at the Farmer's Market sells Dahlias and they are absolutely stunning, I love the variety of them!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Reasons to Run

It is snowing today, like accumulation of 1-3 inches snowing. Unfortunately this weather is bringing my spirits down too, I mean, there one can only handle so many pictures of a snow-covered rotunda in March!
That being said, this snow is not going to change when beach week happens or the fact that I am not confident traipsing around in a bikini right now. Since that's still the case and I am pretty sure I am not alone in this (aka I've already had countless conversations about this topic with friends and sorority sisters), I am going to start a bit of a Project Fit campaign for myself because those two half marathons aren't going to run themselves! My exercise routine is going to focus primarily on running, but I will add in other exercises as well so that the plan is more well-rounded.
I am focusing on running because I do want to run two half marathons by October, and also because there are so many benefits to running!
ONE: Strong Muscles
There is no doubt that running is a great workout. This is especially helpful if the area of your body that you aren't comfortable with is your lower half (like me!). If you run outdoors, work towards getting to a point where you embrace running hills!
TWO: Weight Loss
You will absolutely shed some weight when you run. However, if the scale doesn't always reflect this, don't worry. Look in the mirror! As you get in better shape, the fat will turn into muscle and we all know that muscle is denser (weighs more) than fat!

THREE: Disease Prevention
Running brings down your blood flood, makes your heart healthier, boosts your immune system, and can even reduce your chance of some cancers. It's sort of like a jumpstart for your body that is 100% natural and healthy

FOUR: Stress Relief
Exercise releases endorphins, Elle Woods taught us that. Going for a run can help relieve stress and put you in a better mood. If you've ever gone for a good run, I am sure you've felt a "runner's high," that euphoric feeling that comes after a run. I know, it sounds weird, but it's a real thing and it becomes addicting.
FIVE: Time To Think
I love running because I get to clear my head, listen to music and just be lost in myself. I have always preferred running alone, though I enjoy running with friends too. If you're someone who is busy all the time, scheduling in 45 minutes to go for a run can provide you with a nice break from hectic life and it will help relieve stress, it's a win-win!

Who else is getting in shape this Spring? I'd love to know what y'all are doing so I can keep up with your journey, too!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting in the Mood for Spring

Whoops! I went MIA. However, this weekend was plenty fun and totally worth it! We had a date function on Friday which was really just Chi Os plus dates dressed up to watch the UVA v. Coastal Carolina game at a bar...not complaining! And then last night was one of my friends' 21st birthday party at my apartment so I had to do some prep for that and time just got away from me. Oh, and that weather? Can it come I am so ready for Spring. Since I am pining for Spring, here are some of my favorite spring related things from the week to get you in the mood too!

1) $1.50 Daffodils
Yeah, that's right, they're only $1.50 at Trader Joe's and mine bloomed almost immediately and add a lovely pop of color to my room. Gosh, I love Spring!

I would love one of these seersucker gems for Foxfields! Seriously, could they be any cuter? That being said, I am a bit worried because of Virginia's unpredictable weather and the fact that the bow might not look as cute under a cardigan or rain coat. Also, sorta can't afford one...I will take donations if someone wants to buy one for me?

3) Spring Cleaning
Hosting Dawson's party was the perfect excuse to clean, and it was such a great day to do it. I had all the windows opened and was cleaning, redecorating, and getting in the spirit of Spring! I love what I did with my mantle especially. The mantle decorations are especially important to me because it's in my direct line of sight from my bed so I like when it looks pretty! Oh, and I put away my wool sweaters, I don't care if it's snowing on more turtlenecks for me.

I love all of Carly's posts, and if she can welcome Spring up in NYC, then I think we can do it where the weather is a bit warmer as well.

5) Jimmy Buffett
Absolutely nothing puts me more in the mindset of warm weather than listening to some Buffett. I was raised listening to his music and still love it to this day. Gosh what I'd give to be tanning on a beach right now...


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung!
Seriously though, it is 60 degrees in Charlottesville today...thank God! I am so happy that I got to break out a Lilly dress, even if I had to wear a light jacket over it! One of my favorite parts of Spring is all the fabulous flowers that bloom, this of course is countered by the horrible allergies that they sometimes give me, but they make medicine to alleviate that problem. Fresh flowers can completely turn my mood around, they just make me so happy! Maybe it's because they represent warmer weather or just the vibrancy of their colors, but seriously, if you want to win me over, flowers are the way to go!
In honor of Spring and flowers and all things pretty, here are some of my favorite Pinterest Flower pictures. I actually made a new board on Pinterest today to move all these pins to...on that note, I think I have too many boards. How do y'all arrange your Pinterest boards? Maybe I should blog about that? Oh well, anyways, FLOWERS:
Enjoy the First Day of Spring...and March Madness! More about March Madness tomorrow... (go hoos!)


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Wall of Jewelry

Okay, we have been over my love of Statement Necklaces multiple times on this blog. One thing that we haven't covered though is how to store them. I don't know about y'all, but tangled necklaces drive me absolutely crazy. When I plan an outfit, I don't want to spend time freeing up the necklace I want to wear. Oh, and that's if I even remember to wear it.
I am a very visual outfit planner, it's one of the biggest reasons that I tend to wear the same couple of bracelets and earrings that sit in my jewelry tray. So, how do I visualize my outfits with my necklaces? Say hello to the Jewelry Wall!

here's a close-up:
So necklace wall might be a more appropriate term for this, but you get the idea. Honestly, I need a better system for displaying my bracelets so that those get some more wear, but for now most of them are confined to the jewelry box on my dresser.  I made the decision to have one of these walls after seeing so many cute jewelry displays and frames with chicken wire in friends' rooms and on Pinterest last year.
{via: left and right}
The only think that caused me to hesitate with making that jump was that I wanted to really be able to see all of my necklaces and access them easily. Luckily for me, I had this big, empty wall in my walk-in closet and what better way to fill the space than with some practical decorating?
This wall has allowed me to really show off the variety of necklaces I have and to remind me that I actually do have them! Did I mention that it takes absolutely no effort to make? Seriously, I just used clear thumbtacks to hang them. The thumbtacks allow me to move around the arrangement of the necklaces when I add a new one to the collection and the marks they leave behind are practically invisible, perfect for a rented apartment!
see? just thumbtacks!
This wall has saved my outfits more times than I can count. I just do not function well without coffee, and having my options displayed like this make my mornings a tad easier. Another perk is that it's in my walk-in closet so I can just hold up a necklace and shirt combo whenever I'm trying to decide.
Of course, if I want to wear a dress, I have to go to my other closet to pick that out. Yeah, I have two many college girls can say that about their apartments? Just another reason to absolutely love where I live, of course, it helps that I have an awesome roommate, too!

How do you store your jewelry? Any bracelet display suggestions?

Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St. Patrick's Day and the Happiest of 21st Birthdays to my Irish best friend, K-Soms. Turning 21 on St. Patrick's Day, does it get any better than that?!?! I am so excited to celebrate with her tonight, oh and did I mention that UVA got another snow day today?!? Yay!
Are you ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Well here is a guide to what to wear, say, listen to, eat, and drink today. Sláinte!
What to Wear
Grab something, anything green. You don't want to get pinched, do you?
What to Say
Erin Go Braugh: Ireland forever (yeah, that's right! but seriously, I no longer find the "Erin Go Bra-less" joke clever, I've heard that so many times)
Sláinte: Cheers
I would try to list more, but if you've ever tried to read anything in Gaelic, you'd know that it is virtually impossible to sound out.
What to Listen To
There are so many great artists and songs out there, I am partial to The Irish Tenors, The Clancy Brothers, and middle-school me loved The Corrs!

Of course, there are also so many great bar songs to sing-along with! I realize Galway Girl is technically not a 100% Irish classic, but it's one of my favorites, so I had to include it.
What to Eat
Meat and Potatoes. I love a good Shepard's Pie, but there are so many other great options. Bangers and Mash, Irish Stew, or soda bread are other options worth trying. 
What to Drink
This is possibly probably the most important part of the day. God gave the Irish whiskey so they wouldn't rule the world. Try a stout like a Guinness or a Harp. You can also drink some Irish Whiskey or enjoy an Irish Coffee (especially if you have a snow day like us). Another popular drink that might leave you on the floor is an Irish Car Bomb:
3/4 Pint Stout Beer
1/2 Shot Irish Cream
1/2 Shot Irish Whiskey

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...Spring Training

Thank God it is warm again today because going from 75 and sunny in Florida to 30 degrees here yesterday was a rough transition. That being said, I am still daydreaming about being in Florida and watching baseball. My perfect lazy afternoon would be spent at a baseball stadium and Spring Training is a great way to do that. As you may notice in my pictures, the parks are much more intimate than a normal stadium and the overall atmosphere is much more relaxed. One of my greatest memories of Spring Training was a couple of years ago, in seats similar to the ones we had in the picture below, and Nick Swisher interacting and joking with the fans (including myself) during the game. 
beer and baseball: a great combo
How else is Spring Training different? Well, the number of guys there is significantly higher than a roster, especially in the first couple of weeks. It is always exciting to see the non-roster invitees because they're the minor league players who are (hopefully) the future of the franchise, or at least trade material for other players. Yankees fans tend to be more invested in their farm system after the Core Four. Of course, ownership's approach to the farm system has changed over the years...but that's probably something that none of y'all care about.
Since there are so many players, sometimes combinations like this pop up and you just can't help but chuckle a bit...
I didn't take this, but it made me laugh
It is a great environment to watch baseball, even if you aren't a fan of the teams playing. Honestly, we were just happy to be wearing shorts for once! 
Beer and Baseball again! Loving that I'm in Lilly and Jacks and the
boys are in Chubbies and typical for our family
Oh, and to see those players we've had a crush on since we were 5...
Or pictures with the now-retired number of one of your all-time favorites...
And to see famous people throw out the first pitch! Can you even tell that's Richard Gere? He was going seriously incognito in that outfit...
Getting to enjoy dinner and drinks outside was also a huge perk!
Frenchy's Iconic Grouper's so good!
 Basically we were just happy to be there taking it all in!
Oh, and sometimes you fish on the same boat as a Yankees player, 5 minutes after he gets off! Gosh, I wish I had realized that is why I recognized the guy getting into the car next to us as we pulled up to the marina. 
we went fishing
If you get the chance to get to a game in Arizona or Florida, definitely do it! The parks are small so there really isn't a bad seat and it's so much fun to explore all the different parks and the towns they're located in! Even if you aren't a dedicated fan but an afternoon of having sun warming your skin at a ballpark sounds appealing, this is the place for you. Not everyone there is a diehard fan, though you will definitely find some...
What a dedicated fan! How many people do you think take a picture with that truck?
Well, it's back to reality for me, how did you spend your Spring Break?


P.S. Congrats to my Cavaliers on winning today!!!