Monday, March 4, 2013

Craft On

I crafted a lot for big sis week. I have twins which is amazing and wonderful and they are the bees knees, but I wasn't preparing for two until about a week before the baskets started. Suddenly, my perfectly laid plans of crafting a bit each night for my little turned into big projects every night of the week. I pulled three all-nighters in a row during Big Sis Week, only sleeping for brief intervals in the afternoon, but it was totally worth it.
I don't know how Big Sis Week is at your school, but here it is a production and a half. We don't just give them a basket every day, we plan activities for them to do every. single. day. I mean we send them on dates, to get manicures, paint wars, swing dancing, etc. I wish I had my big sis week here, seriously, they are so spoiled (and we love spoiling them).

Dorm Rooms are not designed for BSW (featuring my momma)

We only got to give them 3 baskets this week and then give them a small gift on the fourth day this year, but don't worry, it didn't hurt how much they got!
These are the two unique canvases they got. One is based off of a Lilly print from a couple of seasons ago and my other little got an Old Bay inspired board because she's from the great state of Maryland.

Old Bay Inspired

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired


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