Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: Week of the Colored Nails

Happy Friday, loves! And for my fellow Catholics, Happy Fasting Friday...we're all in this together! Well, I am writing this post nice and early because I am Charlotte, NC bound for the weekend. All of my family is congregating there to bond and love on each other...well, kind of, the other excuse might be that my cousins just got 2 adorable Sheltie puppies and we want to see them!
Regardless, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and that this post allows you to escape the Friday grind for at least a little while.
Also, I am really not sure why I painted my nails so many colors this week. Maybe I normally do this but don't document it? I mean, I am basically a compulsive nail my neutral outfits some color!

So it was thoroughly chilly and snowy on Monday. What is this spring weather? No, I am seriously ready for warm weather, right now. Well, I ended up using the snow as a reason to pull out my (faux) fur vest again because it's warm and it allowed me to wear leggings. Also, I announced my Monogram Monday Giveaway! If you haven't entered, there is still time! There is also a bonus Instagram entry!
vest: Momma (sorry, the brand is "Kensie" though) // shirt: Ann Taylor Loft //  leggings: Target // bracelets: boutique in Annapolis & Fornash (I have been taking the starfish on and off to stack them) //  boots: Hunter // keychain: My Capital Letters (don't buy it yet though, enter here!)

Tuesday was for busy work and errands. And my nails were bothering me so I painted my nails in the Library Stacks while studying...totally normal, right? 
shirt: Target // scarf: Target // jeans: Gap // boots: Etienne Aigner // bracelets and watch: Fornash (same thing as Monday); NY&Co. // nail polish: Essie "Madison Ave-hue"

I have super long Wednesdays so I really want to be comfortable, but I wasn't feeling pants so enter this Target skirt that might just be my favorite piece in my spring wardrobe. It's a chambray skirt...basically classing up that go-to denim skirt from my middle school years (the one I wore with all the RL polos and popped collars, don't act like you didn't do it too). I also got lunch with K-Soms who is basically one of my favorite people on the entire planet and understands me completely. Seriously, I spilled my pink lemonade everywhere and she acted as if it were totally friends for life right there. 
shirt: Ann Taylor Loft // skirt: Target // boots: Etienne Aigner // earrings and bracelets: Fornash (here and here) // nail polish: Essie "Cute as a Button"

I have been dying to wear this anchor shirt and I didn't want to do red and chambray again but since the weather refuses to cooperate and warm up, shorts just weren't in the cards. Today I ran to Target and put together a care package for my poor, sick little (Love ya, Em!) and then class...I clearly live a really exciting life.
shirt: Old Navy // pants: H&M // shoes: Steve Madden // earrings: Fornash (LOVE these) // bracelets: Fornash (so I kind of like their jewelry...)

One class down and now just waiting for Momma and the boys are coming to get me and I will be Charlotte bound! Happy Friday! Also, today's color scheme conveniently matches my keychain giveaway ;) Actually, I swear that was totally accidental, I just really wanted to wear these shoes today! Today's nail color also has a special meaning to me. My Grandmama passed away on Good Friday my Freshman year of High School and we used to get our nails done every other week. Dutch Tulips was her favorite color and I think of her every time I wear it!
shirt: H&M // jeans: Gap // earrings: Fornash // arm party: Fornash, Kiel James Patrick, Target // shoes: Target // keychain: My Capital Letters (win one!) // nail polish: OPI "Dutch Tulips"

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