Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning! Blog Announcements

Today is the first day of Spring! Now if only the weather could start to reflect that on a consistent basis....
I wish I looked this chic while cleaning...

The first day of Spring is exciting for me because it is my Spring Cleaning day! Unfortunately, it has to be put off until tomorrow evening/Friday morning because of the 5 page paper I have to write, but still, I am excited to move stuff around in my room and start to pack away my turtlenecks and heavy wool sweaters, etc. (I don't care how cold it's going to get, I will not pull those out until late fall again!).
As I mentioned yesterday, I have some exciting blog news. I am going to "Spring Clean" on here. Yep, I am restructuring my blog so I have time to post more than just my outfits and still be a full time student.

Blog "Schedule":
Monogram Monday: of course this is staying! it might just be my favorite thing ever, plus next week is a super exciting giveaway!
Why Buy This...? Wednesday: Basically, this epitomizes my "finer things on tight purse strings" lifestyle. I am going to find fabulous things that I want, but show you a just-as-cute, bank account-friendly alternative! (first one is today...well posted tomorrow thanks to the paper I have to write!)
Fashion Friday: This is going to compile my OOTDs from the week in one post. I am sure I will still post some throughout the week on occasion, but they will definitely be here. And if you want them daily, just follow my Instagram!
SATC Quote Sunday: Let's be real, the women of Sex and the City have imparted quite a bit of knowledge on us over the years. I have the box set of the series and I have been dying to start it from the beginning (I have to finish The West Wing on Netflix first). While watching, I am going to write down quotes and share one or two with you every week and a little blurb about them. The wonderful thing about this show is that quotes can be real-life applicable, fashionable, or just funny. I am actually getting more excited about this the more I read

So that's the schedule. There will probably be other posts thrown in throughout the week and sometimes I might change it up, but I think this is a pretty happy medium. What do y'all think? Please comment below or email me ( with any suggestions! It may be my blog, but my favorite part about it is that y'all enjoy it


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  1. I spring clean my blog a lot too, such a nice way to keep things fresh! I love the pink and green on your blog, by the way - it reminds me of spring!!