Friday, March 22, 2013

Why Buy This? Wednesday: Pave Bracelet

Welcome to the first "Why Buy This? Wednesday" that is finally being posted in the wee hours of Friday morning (what can I say, this was one of those quinessential college 'hell weeks' of coffee, sleep depravation, and nothing but studying). First of all, I am starting this post because I have an eye for expensive things. I come by it honestly, momma and I lust after designer goodies all the time, and (especially for me) it is a game of "look but don't touch." Seriously, nothing short of winning the mega millions could fund my designer wish list. As a college student, the struggle isn't just coveting that Birken bag though, it is wanting that J. Crew sweater or necklace, or those Tory Burch flats. I can't afford them, and if I did buy them, I'd be eating ramen for months and not shopping either (a solution I really can't deal with). There really is no way to replacate Christian Louboutin shoes or Hermes bags, but there are ways to have a J. Crew worthy wardrobe on a ramen noodles budget.
It was really difficult for me to narrow this down to one item since recently I have just been finding all sorts of less pricy alternatives to things I love. Seriously, Old Navy is like the mecca of J. Crew spin offs and I am loving it! Today they had dresses on sale for $10-$25!!
This post isn't about dresses though, it is about my favorite pave bangle that many of you seem to love and, like me, not love the $125 price tag that J. Crew has on it. Well here is your solution!
I got my bracelet on GroopDealz for $25. It was such a steal. They just had this deal again but it expired, although they sometimes extend the deadline or move it to the "boutique" so check the site! But if you don't want to wait or to use GroopDealz (I swear by it though) there are several other alternatives:
Bauble Bar
Etsy (there are a bunch of listings similar to this)
OOH more exciting deals, y'all deserve it for waiting for this post! While I was looking at the GroopDealz site, I just noticed one of their boutique deals that I wish I had seen earlier! I love this bauble bib from Bauble Bar, really I love everything from that site. However, I just noticed that GroopDealz has it in turquoise for a fraction of the cost!
Get excited for Fashion Friday later know after I go to bed and all...


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