Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't Feed the Alligators

adios, boys. thanks for a great couple of days and some awesome wins!

Unfortunately, today was a chilly and drizzly day. I mean, it poured this morning and despite that I decided to go for a run. Big mistake. By the end of my run I was wringing out my shirt a la Bruce Springsteen (watch here [2:16-19]...dang, he's sexy) and my shoes felt like blocks of concrete with all the water in them. 
I had been so excited about my outfit for the game, too. I had planned to wear one of my favorite cotton Lilly dresses, but that ended up getting scrapped in favor of boyfriend jeans and a rain coat. I love my boyfriend jeans. Gap seriously makes an amazing pair, they feel like pajamas! Today was an especially good day for these pants because we spent a lot of time in the car driving an hour and a half to the game in Port Charlotte (Spring Training home of the Tampa Bay Rays), outlet shopping (heck yeah) and then dinner and back to the hotel after.
top: H&M // jeans: Gap // belt: my momma // shoes: jack rogers // purse: H&M // bracelets: Fornash (seriously, when don't I wear Fornash) // ring: The Jewel Box //sunglasses: Ray Ban with Lilly croakies

If you were wondering about the title of the post, it comes from a sign we saw by the pond outside of the stadium. Yeah, they get alligators that swim through the drainage pipes and hang out there. I really didn't want to take the photo because I could easily see one of their fresh slides right by the sign. How do I know what an alligator slide is? Thank you, Swamp People.
"dad, hurry up and take the picture so I don't get eaten" cue nervous half-smile

Oh and as for shopping, I got a couple of great pieces at the J. Crew outlet. I finally have some mint to incorporate into my wardrobe! Now if only the weather would warm up so I could wear it. Ugh, I don't wanna leave this Florida weather behind.


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  1. Cute outfit! Love the pop of color in your bag!