Saturday, March 9, 2013

From the Plane to the Park

Today was one of those days that required three outfits (only 2 featured). Sometimes, travel days are just like that! For the rest of my trip, I will be continuing the multiple outfit/day trend because I always change out of my ballpark clothes for dinner, and I will try to post both each day if I can.

Outfit #1:
Traveling from DC to Florida requires some planning on the outfit front. Nothing like leaving a place in 30 degree weather (it was 7am...also, not a fun time to be at an airport without coffee) to fly to 75 degrees and sunny. I chose a maxi dress because A) it feels like pajamas B) it can cover both the two climates I was traveling between and the ever unpredictable temperature of the airplane. Also, you never know what the plane schedule and delay situation is going to be and if we ended up having to go straight to the ballpark, I wanted to be prepared.
I love this dress and the best part about it is that it was $12. That's right, I spotted it while checking out at Wally World (Walmart) with my momma at school this fall (Walmarts in college towns rock) and decided that I didn't care where it was from, I liked it and it was cheap so I picked it up. Plus, worst case scenario, if I sat in something or spilled something in the airport, I wouldn't be terribly upset since it was so cheap.
dress: Walmart // jacket: Garage (way back when it was decent) // earrings: J. Crew // bracelet: GroopDealz // shoes: Jack Rogers // nail polish: Essie "watermelon"

Outfit #2:
If I am going to be in Florida for 5 days, you better believe I am getting a tan. I try to avoid wearing shirts with straps to the ballpark after a super attractive tank top tan from last year and this outfit was just that. I know baseball like the back of my hand, I spend my spring break with my dad watching the Yankees, so I feel like it is okay to look cute going to the ballpark. Well, really it is always acceptable to look cute going to the game, gotta impress those baseball players (am I right or am I right?) Sorry for the overwhelming athlete love today...I can't help it. 
top: Target // shorts: J. Crew // purse: H&M // bracelets: Fornash and Fornash // shoes: Jack Rogers

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