Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Compulsive List-Maker

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed this line in my biography. Quite frankly, I think that little bio blurb on Instagram sums up my life pretty well. List making is something I got from my momma. She is an expert list-maker and for as long as I can remember told me to write out my chores, packing list, stuff I needed for the store, etc. I used to think it was a frivolous task, I mean, if I need it, I will remember it, right? Yeah, wrong. Stuff always slips through the cracks. I always forget to dust, or to bring your toothbrush because it seems insignificant compared to the big ticket items like laundry or pants. I hated having to make these lists, but now I owe Momma for making me do it.
I rediscovered my love for list-making in college. In High School, when I forgot something at home, Momma could remind me or run it up to school. These days, forgetting to bring your homework means a 20 minute walk back to the farthest corner of grounds (not kidding) to retrieve it. I make at least one list every day now, I sometimes run multiple lists at once and even reference cross-listing in my lists. Now, I am not saying that you need to become an OCD list-maker like me, but I definitely think it helps. I haven't quite mastered the "time-management: there are only so many hours in a day" concept, but baby steps for now. Mastering time-management is actually one of my resolutions this year.
I prefer to have a hard copy of my list because I love the feeling of crossing items off as I complete them. Regardless of your preferred medium, here are some tips I have come up with for making your to-do list!
  • Cute Stationary: I am a huge fan of school supplies (my momma only lets me start to buy them after a certain date before each school year) and I love cute stationary.  A cute notepad makes the five-mile long list a tad less daunting
  • Write in Black or Pencil: Why? This makes it boring! Yes, yes it does, but only until you take a bright colored pen and put a big line through it. There is nothing more rewarded than crossing something off your list
  • It Needs to be your Shadow: If you don't want to carry around a notepad all the time, that is totally understandable, just put it on your iPhone or Blackberry.  Always make sure you have it to reference and update.
  • Be Realistic: You will not write a 10 page paper, read 500 pages, work out, and have coffee and lunch dates in one day. I mean, if you think you can do that, snaps to you...but, for most of you, keep it realistic.
  • Keep the Tasks Small: This is totally a personal preference thing. I love crossing items off my list so, when I am doing something big, I break it down into a couple of parts so I actually feel like progress is being made. (i.e. a 100-page reading becomes 4 25-page reading)
  • Don't Skimp: Not only is your list a great way to organize, but it's a super helpful reminder.  There are days where I have so many things that I forget about big commitments, like class! Write down even the things you do routinely so that you account for them when realistically structuring your day. Plus you get to cross off more items and feel extra productive!
Now that you know how I like to make lists, and are probably judging me a bit, here are some of my favorite tools!
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