Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Movie Review: Mantervention

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mantervention . All opinions are 100% mine.
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted about reviewing the movie, Mantervention. At first I was a bit confused because, after watching the trailer, it was pretty obvious that it was definitely geared towards guys. The plot centers on Spencer getting over a breakup with the help of his 'professional ladies man' best friend, Coke. Coke decides that the best way for Spencer to get over his heartbreak is to sleep with a string of women and forget his ex. The two of them move into Coke's dad's beach house for a couple of weeks, get jobs at a bar owned by a drag queen, and, well, sleep with a bunch of women.
Okay, so you are probably wondering why I decided to watch this movie? Well, I decided that I would invite some girlfriends over for wine and this movie on a Thursday night and then collectively we could review this movie. You know you are watching the movie with girls when the first thing one of them says is "He was in Lemonade Mouth" referring to the film's star, Nick Roux. I think the best way to describe the movie was put by one of my friends when she said that it "pairs well with wine." We were cracking up at Spencer's ridiculous first hook up scene where he brings home a girl who really likes to "meow"...a lot. There are definitely some raunchy and mildly offensive scenes, but all in all we had fun drinking our wine and judging the actions of all the characters throughout the movie. We also enjoyed Travis Van Winkle's abs...they may have stolen the show, though his spandex swim trunks and norts were highly questionable. Believe it or not, there was an educational aspect to this film as one of my friends learned how to remove the burn from a jellyfish sting in one of the scenes.
If you are a fan of the American Pie franchise or just want a good laugh with your friends, check out this movie available on TV VOD, iTunes, Vimeo, Vudu and will be in limited theaters throughout the month of September (VOD and release details). Total Frat Move even said "Mantervention is the greatest raunchy sex comedy since Wedding Crashers.” I would say we had a pretty entertaining wine night watching this movie, but I will let y'all be the judge of that for yourselves. Fair warning though, TFM also enjoyed the movie because there were hot girls and boobs, so this is definitely not the ideal family movie night. 
For more about Mantervention, check out their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Don't forget to watch the trailer, get the movie for your next movie night, and if you leave a comment with your favorite quote from the trailer, you will be entered to win free Mantervention swag!
Also, big thanks to Dawson, Lizzie, Logan, and Meghan for coming over to review the movie with me!
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