Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five: I Can't Come up with a Clever Title

Every week I find myself desperately awaiting the weekend. I just want it to come so that I can do nothing for some time before frantically throwing myself back into school work on Sunday. That being said, today I realized that every week that passes is one step closer to the real world. It's sad and scary all in one, I just can't believe it is actually happening!

I got a little package from my momma the other day that included this shirt and I absolutely love it. She gets me, what can I say. I guess it's my inner Carrie Bradshaw coming through. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but I absolutely love the material they use and they have some cool graphic tees. Their products are carried at Urban, Nordstrom, Topshop, and other stores. My momma saw this shirt for me at Nordstrom Rack, so if you want to check there, I'm sure they have some too!

With all the bad press that the NFL and its players have been getting in recent weeks, this is a nice change of pace. There is no way that I am condoning anything that has happened or that the players are doing, but please understand that it is not fair to characterize all players this way. This story was incredibly touching and I really hope that they both live happy and fulfilled lives after this. 

Shoutout to my fellow cheese-lover grandlittle for this one. She and I love cheese and regularly talk about and share links involving cheese. Turns out, we both love goat cheese a lot. So here are 13 haiku to the reason that the paleo diet is a pipe dream for a girl like me.

First of all, it is missing the time that he says Fenway is the worst place on earth, but I'll let that slide. Danny is totally my dream man, all of my friends who watch the show can see it and this list totally proves it. Except he is from New York, as I said to Meghan, "I guess I like New Yorkers?" This is breaking news for me... *Disclaimer: I would not move to NYC...even for Danny...sorry. Oh, and here is Danny stripping, you're welcome.

This admittedly takes the Friday Five on a somber turn, but I cannot sit here with a social media platform and not do everything I can to spread the word about Hannah. I am sure most of you have heard about her by now and know that the search is underway, but please keep sharing police updates and praying for her safety and for her family.

Okay, on that note, have a great weekend! Please, seriously, it is going to be hot in Virginia again...mother nature, what's your problem, girl?


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