Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five: Change It Up

Last night some of my friends and I went to a jazz bar on the downtown mall and it was such a nice change of pace from the normal bar scene...especially since my favorite outdoor one was closed for a date function! Structure is great, but sometimes slowing down or a bit of a switch up is not only necessary, but fun.

One: Sam Smith Covers "Fast Car"

I love this song. I think Tracy Chapman has such an awesome voice, plus I just like the rhythm of this song. Sam Smith does an amazing job covering this song. My friend, Lizzie, mentioned it last night and I am so glad she did. Side note, if you haven't listened to Sam Smith's album, do it now!

Two: Essie's Sand Tropez
You might be a bit confused by this, but I honestly don't know the last time I wore this color before putting it on this morning. Normally my neutral polish is Essie "Sugar Daddy" because I love the light pink tint to it, but I am so glad I put this color on. Different skin tones call for different neutrals, but this really is the perfect tan polish for my pale skin!

Three: Brunch in NYC 
Brunch is a mandatory change of pace. You are almost required to be lazy while enjoying this meal. I am a huge breakfast food fan and a good Sunday brunch is always a win in my book prior to a crazy week. I just love looking at all these NYC places to brunch and wishing that I could have brunch there tomorrow! I guess I'll just have to plan a trip...

The world lost one of the most brutally honest, lovable comedians yesterday. Joan Rivers is the reason we know what designers grace the red carpet and entertained us to no end on Fashion Police and in her stand-up career before that. Nothing was off limits and she went through life without caring about how she was perceived.

So I actually haven't read all of these, what?!?! You'd think the book worm would've accomplished that. The idea of going back and rereading those books you were forced to analyze until you were blue in the face is not the most appealing, but I bet we'd get something out of them if we just read them on our own time now. They are mandatory reading for a reason, right?


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  1. What is your favorite bar on the downtown mall? I haven't been to many of them yet.