Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Would Mindy Do?

In case you missed it, The Mindy Project had its season 3 premiere last night. Meghan and I celebrated the return of Mindy (and my dream man, Danny) with junk food purchased at the store on the corner. When I say junk food, I don't just mean a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, oh no. See, I thought, how would Mindy want me to watch her show? First I thought that I should save my cheeseburger from national cheeseburger day, but I was really hungry for dinner at like 5:30, so...
Instead I bought quite the assortment of Little Debbie products for incredibly low prices. On that note, I should invest in some of these for a potential zombie apocalypse because they never go bad (do they ever leave your system when you ingest it? Don't answer that...) Just to give you an idea of the assortment, the cashier actually asked "You got the munchies?" to which I said, "No, it's an inside joke..." while laughing and turning bright red with embarrassment because that was definitely the first time someone has thought I was high...
Anyways, Mindy gets it. Sure, her character can be annoying and I sometimes question her outfits on the show (except for her love of Kendra Scott), but I think most people can relate to her in some way. So, here is a compilation of Mindy moments that I can relate to or at least wish I could, and I hope you can to...mostly because if I am the only one who relates to a fictional character and thinks the guy on the show is a dream guy, then I am probably looking at a house full of cats in a few years.

In light of the Little Debbie binge last night...yes.
Her logic is flawless...

and priorities are totally in line.
She has lame nights that turn great too!
this is me to Meghan on a fairly regular basis
She has realistic expectations for guys, too.
But, romantic struggles are real.
And are they really worth the effort?
 I mean, who needs men in a world where you can have all this?
Trick question, this is why we need them. How awesome would his Instagram be?
Ultimately, confidence is key.
oh, and thanks to the various Buzzfeed articles that I used to find these GIFs

Does anyone else love The Mindy Project? Also, definitely read her book if you haven't already. It's great! She really is an incredibly talented comedy writer and actress (she also used to write for The Office). Ummm and yes, I realize that this in no way related to Starbucks, which brings me to the important question of whether or not Mindy Kaling/Lahiri has a coffee addiction like I do?

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