Saturday, September 6, 2014

Victoria's Secret Sport

There is an unwritten code in college fashion that allows us to wear oversized shirts and norts/leggings without question. I like this dress code, especially for early morning classes and on the weekends when I am feeling lazy. It's actually kind of funny to realize that we are all dressed to work out, yet there is about a 90% chance that hitting the gym is not in fact on the schedule for the day. 
That being said, working out is such a great stress reliever and I am so excited to start Pure Barre this week! I have workout clothes from several different stores, but this week Influenster and Victoria's Secret Sport sent me a sports bra and leggings that I am absolutely loving!
Before I got this one, I had never worn a structured sports bra and I had no idea what I was missing out on. The bra doesn't just come in small, medium, or large, but instead is sold by standard bra sizing. It is incredibly comfortable and they sell so many different colors and patterns. I have the standard Incredible Sports Bra in black and it fits nicely and is decently breathable.
They also sent me a pair of the Knockout leggings which will be added into my wardrobe when the weather cools down a bit (gosh, it is so hot out!). They are the perfect thickness for winter and they are not see through at all. They sent me the pair with pink mesh detail which is a nice subtle detail on a black legging, I tend to shy away from loud, patterned ones because they make my big butt look huge.
I can't wait to keep working out in this new gear, and I will definitely be adding some more of their sports bras to my collection. Also, there is currently a promotion for $15 off a purchase of $100 or more! How much more incentive do you need? 


disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but these opinions are 100% mine!


  1. Great opinions, I absolutely love their yoga pants and leggings for working out,they are just so soft!

  2. Yeah, I really loved watching these Victoria's Secret Sports clothing. All the pairs are looking stunning. I too would join the gym soon so have decided to buy trendy looking clothing. The collection of alo yoga pants and tanks is stunning and is in my budget as well so will go for that brand.