Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Leather Details

Do you ever wish that you could totally just rock a different fashion style for a day? Like, sometimes I see people walking around looking bohemian chic and I wish that I could pull it off. I say I can't because I think I would be super uncomfortable going that far out of my comfort zone, plus most of my friends would think I was dealing with some sort of identity crisis.
One way to achieve that alternate identity is to add characteristic accents to any outfit that change it up a bit. A detail that has been gaining some serious attention the last couple of years is the leather accent. I love the slightly edgy vibe that is achieved through such a basic detail, especially when it doesn't require me to leave my comfort zone too much. I feel like it has been popping up in every fall outfit I am seeing and even J. Crew is embracing it!


P.S. Happy Hump Day. I accidentally just skipped class...seriously, I am sitting 2 levels above the lecture hall. That's embarrassing...

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