Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hot Nail Polish for Fall

Working in a retail store in September almost conditions you to want to break out the traditional fall essentials and cozy up by a fire. Then, of course, you take one step into the muggy end-of summer weather outside and are immediately given a reality check. Instead of sitting around and moping about having to continue to recycle summer fashions, try adding some fall elements into your every day style. Shorts and light sweaters are a personal favorite of mine, but just throwing on any article of clothing in a darker fall color will do the trick. Also, it is September, and in my mind, that makes breaking out those fall polishes totally acceptable. I love a good dark polish, but I really don't like to wear them when the weather is warm. Call me crazy, but my polishes have seasons...actually, based on the size of my collection, this is not crazy. Seriously though, the two dozen in my blog post yesterday is not exactly the extent of my collection...oops.
top: Skirting the Issue / Sand Tropez / Fall in Line
middle: Stylenomics / Cashmere Bathrobe / Bahama Mama
bottom: Chinchilly / Head Mistress / After School Boy Blazer
Also, a couple of quick tips for using these darker colors:
1) use a base coat! seriously, they will stain the heck out of your nails...especially reds
2) use thin coats of polish. the darker the color, the longer it takes to dry
3) try a matte finish to change it up. I got the OPI Matte finish recently and I love it!
4) go back to a pale neutral. Give your nails a break from all that color with your favorite neutral.

Any colors I should add to this list?


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