Monday, April 1, 2013

Easy, Peasy Printable Monograms and Giveaway Winner

First of all, congrats to Betsy B. for winning the My Capital Letters Monogrammed Keychain Giveaway! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! If you didn't win, you should definitely buy one for yourself anyways (happy belated easter present to yourself? totally necessary)! Again, I could rave about mine till the cows come home, I love it and all of their products that much. 

So last week was all about winning a free keychain, and this week we are keeping with the free theme. Plus, if you get this free monogram, you can totally splurge on a keychain and we can be twins ;) If you do get one, send me a pic!
A while ago I came across For Chic Sake and I saw that they had free printable monograms but I never did anything with it. Well, today I decided to try one and let me tell you, they are amazing. Seriously, it is so simple to do if you follow the directions and they look adorable. They are prefect for binders or folders or even picture frames like they have on the website! 
look how cute!!! (nail polish is Turquoise and Caicos)
They also have calendars for each month (here's the April Calendar) which are so cute! Seriously, go check these out, and the rest of the site. I used a couple of their Christmas backgrounds this year, love it. 

Happy Monday and Happy April!


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