Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dressing with a Purpose

This was a bit of a hectic week for me. I had so much going on, and looking at my schedule, that isn't going to be changing anytime soon. 
The co-chairs told Relay Exec to wear our relay spirit gear this i took that to mean "leggings and norts with an oversized shirt," I should wear this every Monday.

April 16th is a hard day for the Hokie Nation. I wrote a post about what the Hokie Nation means to me, and I dressed in maroon and orange (I don't have any Tech shirts here for obvious reasons). Oh, and those are flowers on my sandals...that detail didn't really come out in the picture.
sweater: H&M // shorts: J. Crew Factory // shoes: J. Crew // bow: VT bookstore // bracelet: Fornash // ring: The Jewel Box

I scored a couple of dresses from TJ Maxx last summer for a great deal and this is one of them. It was such a wonderful day that I ended up sitting on the quad (is that what UVA calls them? honestly, i have no idea) by the corner and getting a great boatneck tan...whoops!
dress: TJ Maxx // belt: Francesca's // shoes: Jack Rogers // necklace: Fornash // earrings: Fornash // bracelet: GroopDealz (look at Etsy for similar ones)

The return of the maxi dress! This is another dress from my TJ Maxx haul (I'm thinking I should try my luck again this year). My outfit drastically changed that night for the "Chi O Glow" date function because if it isn't neon, it shouldn't be on! I never realized how tan neon makes me look...maybe I should try to start pulling it off on a regular basis? Totally kidding.
dress: TJ Maxx // belt: Gap // bracelet: not sure, long time ago // shoes: Jack Rogers

Are you DTF? I'm down to fight. Relay for Life was yesterday and I had to be at set up at 12pm, hence me not putting up this post yesterday. I am so proud of our Relay for Life, we had to move it inside due to some crazy rain and we still completely obliterated our fundraising goal. We raised $138,025!!! I also drank more Cheerwine than is healthy, oh well.
shirt: UVA Relay for Life // shorts: J. Crew Factory // shoes: Jack Rogers (big mistake...ouch) // watch: NY&Co. // nail polish: Essie

Also, I am watching the West Wing as I am writing this and Leo just died and I am definitely not crying, absolutely not. And if I was crying, it would be because I am sleep deprived from Relay for Life...

Have a great weekend!

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