Friday, April 5, 2013

Why Buy This: Re-Lilly Feature

Okay, I am so sorry for not posting this on Wednesday. I have had the most hectic week...seriously, I didn't realize how bad the week would be until Monday night and am currently running on coffee and fumes. And then, when I finally did have time to post it, of course Polyvore was down so I couldn't put up pretty dresses and that's no fun!
This week's WBT Wednesday isn't about a particular item of clothing, but rather a mecca of Lilly Pulitzer. If you are not already familiar with the Re-Lilly group on Facebook, let me introduce you.
I love Lilly, I love the prints, the colors, and even the basic pieces they sell. The only problem is that a college girl like me cannot always ever afford to drop that much on a sundress. Enter Re-Lilly. This place has all things Lilly, from cups to shoes to dresses. People sell both new and gently used items, all are in great condition and it is organized so well! Not a fan of Lilly or just want to look at other designer brands? Well, they have a group for that too (The Pink Closet)
Why am I bringing up this site now? Well, I know that Carolina Cup is over and Keenland is about to start and for my fellow Virginia (primarily, UVA) ladies, Foxfields is right around the corner. I definitely didn't budget my money well enough to head over to my local Lilly store and pick something up, but I don't need to with a site like this! I have been scouring the site for a couple of weeks now looking for a few dresses that I really want for Foxfields (I already have my monogrammed hat, don't worry) and I am just going to keep looking. 
Here are some Lilly Pulitzer things I am loving right now...and always:

Lilly Pulitzer sleeveless dress / Lilly Pulitzer silk top / Lilly Pulitzer cotton blazer / Lilly Pulitzer striped shorts / Lilly Pulitzer ankle tie sandals / Lilly Pulitzer / Lilly Pulitzer bracelets bangle / Lilly Pulitzer / Lilly Pulitzer wide belt / Lilly Pulitzer Lilly Pulitzer Coffee Mug - Travel Mug | Lifeguard Press / Lilly Pulitzer 2013 Agenda

Seriously, go check it out! What are some Lilly items on your wish list? What are your favorite Lilly items and dresses? Any ideas for me for Foxfields?



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  1. I have the pink seersucker scallops and the bow belt in pink! my favesss. also that planner has been my lifesaver over senior year