Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Buy This: Sweat for Less

So, I love workout gear. I have been known (like every other girl on grounds) to wear my workout clothes to class with exactly zero intention of going to the gym afterwards. Although, these days I actually do have to run almost everyday so it usually does have a purpose.
As much as l love workout gear and now that I am training for a marathon and need more, I love to shop (we all know this) and most brands tend to break my bank account. I love norts, but unless I am buying them from the outlet, I tend to avoid dropping that much on a pair of running shorts. What is my solution to this? Target. Well, Target is really my solution to any and all clothing and shoe desires. I always go in for one item and leave with 10!
I love their C9 (champion) workout gear. I have been wearing it for a couple of years now and I really don't notice a difference in the quality. Over winter break, my brother forgot his workout leggings (is that what guys call them? I feel like that might be wrong) for our trip to Upstate New York (smooth move, bro), so I stopped by Target to get him a pair and he even said they were as good as the Under Armour ones!
Anyways, I love their workout gear, they have so many colors and styles to choose from and they all fit a college girl's budget. Before this post I didn't know they sold sneakers, I might go get a pair for my day-to-day shoes since mine are on their last legs! I am actually going to wear one of my running skirts from there for my half marathon on Sunday! Are any of y'all running the Nike Women's Half in DC? I am so excited, and a bit nervous since I kind of slacked on my training. 
What is your favorite workout gear item? Any other affordable brands that you prefer?


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  1. I've always looked at Target work out clothes, but I haven't picked up any yet! The bright colors are always so appealing :) Next time I'm in the market for some new shorts, I'll have to check out Target! For more affordable gym clothes, I usually pick Old Navy. I really like their compression leggings and "cool tech" tops. Plus, they always have some kind of coupon!

    Good luck with your race!