Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why Buy This: Statement Necklaces

Happy Wednesday aka Hump Day aka you're over halfway done with the week!!! If you are anything like me, sitting inside while the weather is this glorious is torturous...I can't wait for the weekend! And what better way to celebrate surviving half of the week cooped up than with a little retail therapy?
I love statement necklaces. As y'all may have definitely noticed, I tend to go with basic outfits most of the time. I love staples because they can be re-worn so many different ways. The best way to dress up these boring outfits is with jewelry. Admittedly, I have not been the most adventurous with jewelry, in fact if you look at my necklace hangers, you might notice that almost everything has pearls on it. I have been trying to stray away from that, though! Statement necklaces are awesome and J. Crew has absolutely gorgeous ones, I mean, I just want them all. However, if I were to shop for my necklaces at J. Crew, not only would I never eat again, but I'd also need to work 2 jobs in addition to class. So, how can you get these fabulous necklaces without breaking the bank? 
Let me introduce you to Bauble Bar and GroopDealz. Bauble Bar has a ton of options ranging in all jewelry categories and I love to window shop there in my free time. GroopDealz is a bit different because it actually carries all sorts of items, but they usually have great jewelry at amazing prices (usually inspired by a more expensive version). I got my pave link bracelet that y'all seem to love so much from there for $25! Right now they have a J. Crew inspired Rose Necklace that I desperately want (but at this moment, can't afford). I want it in yellow instead of the coral that J. Crew carries though because I actually have a coral necklace (can't wait to debut it) that I picked up from Darling, a boutique owned by a Chi Omega alum here in Charlottesville! Back to GroopDealz though, this necklace is $20 and the one that J. Crew sold out of retailed for $'s a no-brainer! 
seriously, I LOVE this piece, and perfect for this weather!

What are some of your favorite statement necklaces? Any favorite places to shop for them?



  1. Some other good places like GroopDealz are Sassy Steals and Very Jane. They both have a lot of statement jewelry at affordable prices, too!

  2. I bought Katie some really cool necklaces at Curtsies and Petals in Vienna as the owner was going out of business and was selling things at 75% off. She's going to an online shop but haven't heard much about it yet. Her daughter was having heart surgery so maybe after that. I bought Katie about 5 really cute necklaces for about $40-50 because of the deal I got. She loved them all.