Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Buy This: All Hail the Gold Card

Before I get into today's post, I just want to take a second to thank you for the kind words yesterday. I got a couple of Facebook messages, texts, and emails regarding that post and I am so glad that my message was received so well. 
Okay, on to a happier subject: Starbucks. If you follow my Instagram or have looked at my blurb, you would know that Starbucks and I have a great relationship. In the mornings, I make coffee in my Keurig, but by mid-afternoon I am in need of a caffeine boost. Since I visit Starbucks so often, I finally decided to download the iPhone app and earn my Gold Card.
Let me tell you, if you go to Starbucks, even only once every other week, you need this app. I just earned my gold card last week and I am already super excited. Plus, you can have people give you gift cards right to your can even pay with PayPal (hint: Momma). How do you get one? Just buy drinks with the same registered Starbucks gift card (iPhone app makes this super easy) and you will earn stars every time you do. Once you get 5 stars, you earn free refills on coffee and tea while in the shop and you get great discounts! 
After hitting 30 stars, you earn your GOLD CARD! Gold Card members get a free drink or food item every 12 stars, plus the benefits of the green card. Oh, and they get super cool gold card to put in their wallet so that everyone can know that they are a super cool gold card member (I'm just a little excited).
But seriously, if you like Starbucks, this is such a good deal. Why keep buying full priced Starbucks without the benefits?
Plus, it is warm enough to start ordering all those iced beverages. My favorite is a Venti Iced Green Tea, unsweetened, no water (ZERO CALORIES and Green Tea rehydrates you!) or an Iced Chai with skim and light ice. What are your summer Starbucks drinks of choice?


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  1. AGH!!! I want a Gold Card now! ;) I love completely black Tazo Teas. So refreshing!