Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blog Overhaul

As some of you may have noticed, I have been in the process of overhauling my blog this week. I am so excited to finally be done with that after having my friend, Bry, do a couple of quick head shots for me this morning!

Quick intro to the new gadgets:
-Bloglovin': Well, this isn't new, but it is a great way to keep up with your favorite bloggers because you can even have them send you an email each day to get post updates!
-Other Social Media: I have a facebook page, instagram (which is way more popular than this blog haha), and I am a total pinterest addict.
-New Header: Serious shout out to Katie's friend, Maggie, for introducing me to Gimp. It is basically a free version of photoshop and I finally got to create the blog header I had envisioned all along.
-New Profile Picture: Thank you Bry, for helping me with this one. I basically awkwardly stood in the grass for a minute or two before I was anywhere near ready for these pics. Posing for these was definitely not the same as taking one of my OOTD pics in the mirror. Oh, these outfit details will be in my Fashion Friday post tomorrow :)
absolutely love these trees outside my dorm
She was really excited to catch gem this on camera

What do y'all think of the changes? Any suggestions?


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