Sunday, April 21, 2013

Models and Mortals

"I take it is fleeting, but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever."
Models and Mortals 1.2
Let's be real, we watch Sex and the City for episodes like this one. This is the quintessential girlfriend episode. It is all about models v. real women, and in the end Big likes real women (spoiler, sorry). This is especially reassuring since I ate my weight in froyo/ice cream today (it's not my fault...there was free froyo at Arch's). 
So ladies, since Mr. Big likes real women (okay, Carrie is totally fabulous, but still) maybe there is hope for those of us who can talk sports, politics, or fashion all day, wear our hair in messy buns, and poke ourselves in the eye almost every time we use eyeliner.
So start off your week remembering you're fabulous the way you are and there is nothing wrong with being a mere mortal.


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