Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's in my (Beach) Bag

I don't know about y'all, but when I get myself down to the beach for the day, I plan on staying at the beach for the day unless I need to help make lunch (PB&J for the entire family) or it appears that a hurricane is coming my way. Since I want to stay down there all day, I make sure to pack a bag with everything that I am going to need in order to stay down there!

Beach Bag: Getting a beach bag in the right size will make your life so much easier. It is far better to have a bag that is a tad too big rather than having one that is too small and you have to juggle the bag, chair, and stuff that won't fit. I know people have differing opinions about what bag they like best, but I am a big fan of a straw beach bag. I actually got one when we got down here that was on clearance for $10 (I believe due to the hideous pom poms that I had to cut off the side) and it is just the right size. 
Towel: Obviously you are going to need one of these! Make sure you wash it before you use it though because otherwise you'll end up covered in little pieces of fluff that it sheds. 
Sunscreen: I am the biggest wuss when it comes to putting on sunscreen at the beach but it needs to happen unless you want to fry out there. Ideally this will be done with a spray bottle, but if you can deal with the sandy sunscreen being rubbed on your body then more power to ya
Water and Pretzels: Keep yourself hydrated out there and if your family doesn't packed a stocked cooler, get your priorities straight....kidding, pack another drink or two for the day. Also, I believe that pretzels are the greatest beach snack so I highly recommend them, but just bring a little something to crunch on throughout the day. 
Sunglasses and a Hat: Sunglasses are going to be your saving grace on by hat bright beach, but please remember to wear a hat too if you can. You do not want to end up with a sunglasses tan and the hat will prevent you from getting too much sun on your face anyways!
Music and a Book: Getting some reading done at the beach is one of my favorite ways to relax. I brought The Goldfinch and Bitter is the New Black with me this week and fingers crossed I will get through them. As for music, I need to make a new tanning playlist after accidentally deleting mine...on that note, it should be more difficult to delete a playlist on your phone than to just have to sideswipe it...
PGF: I love my PFG and would recommend it 100 times over to anyone who loves the beach but can't necessarily stay in the sun the entire time. We bring two big canopies with us, but sometimes I need the coverage when I'm down by the water too. The PFG is so lightweight and on Amazon they are reasonably priced. 

What's in your beach bag?

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  1. This makes for a GREAT packing list and the BEST day on the beach! I agree... I don't enjoy the back and forth, you have to stay all day! The only thing I don't have on this list is the PFG, I might look into getting one to wear for the beach/lake, good idea :)

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