Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DC Living: Eastern Market

Let's see if I have more success writing this post for today than I did yesterday...seriously, it was terrible. Monday was a struggle in case you missed that, but today is Tuesday and I am so blessed with all the things I have and hopefully the brain in my head to make today a bit more functional than yesterday. One of the things that I am so blessed by is living just outside of DC and getting to enjoy both life in the suburbs and all the culture that DC has to offer. One of my favorite parts of the city is Eastern Market. The neighborhood, the South Hall, Barracks Row restaurants just down the street, the whole area is fantastic. 
please let me move in
The South Hall market is packed with meat, produce, and baked good vendors Tuesday through Sunday and on the weekends the area in front of the South Hall transforms into a giant farmers and arts market. There are products from local farms and many local vendors and artisans also set up booths to check out. Personally, I absolutely love fresh, local produce and the experience of getting it from somewhere like this. 
THough I've never bought any of the artwork at Eastern Market, the vendors selling paintings, drawings, and photographs of DC monuments and other scenes from around town. There really is some amazing local talent and they aren't charging absurd prices for their work. Also, the jewelry vendors are plentiful and they have cute, affordable pieces. I got a necklace and two pairs of earrings plus a birthday gift for a friend without breaking the bank!
So if you ever find yourself around the Capitol, especially on a weekend, I highly recommend stopping by at least for a half hour or so to check out the historic South Hall and support the local economy. If you don't live in a city, you might not realize, but these prices for produce are quite cheap for the area!
one of the many meat vendors in Eastern Market
walking up from 6th Street 
Oh, and on Saturday I went to Charlottesville with Momma and Tia and we went to King Family Vineyard with one of my best friends, Katie. It is absolutely beautiful out there and a few hours on their patio is good for the soul. Definitely a place to consider going if you find yourself in Charlottesville (two hours south of DC!)


  1. That market looks great, those strawberries look delicious!


  2. I LOVE Eastern Market! My older brother and his wife live on Capitol Hill, and I always enjoy visiting and experiencing the wonderful D.C. culture.