Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Look Inside My Kate Spade Planner

I finally bit the bullet and bought a Kate Spade planner last week and I am so glad I did. Before making the switch, I was a huge fan of the Lilly Pulitzer planner and it is still a great planner, but the Kate Spade one has a bit more of a professional feel to it. I can't believe that this is my last college planner...seriously, where has the time gone? I am not ready to leave yet!
I know that picking a planner can be stressful and I feel like I see pictures of Lilly planners all the time, but not so much what other planners look like. Here is a peek at my Kate Spade planner!
One of the reasons I love the agenda being so simple inside is that it makes my Le Pen colored notes pop that much more. I am also thinking of getting some Washi Tape to highlight things in my agenda. If you haven't seen it on Pinterest, definitely take a look. I love how people have been using it to incorporate cute colors and patterns into their agendas.
What is your agenda of choice?



  1. We have matching planners! I LOVE my KS planner! HOw much do you love the quotes on the monthly pages?!

  2. I got a Kate Spade one, too, but mine is the Bella Bookshelf!