Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five: Polished and Productive

This was just an off week for me. I kept saying that I was going to get it together and every single time, I felt like I was floundering. Oh well, I am going to blame it on that Kim Kardashian game I keep playing (review coming soon...all in the name of a blog post, am I right?) On a serious note though, I am starting a new at-home yoga program this morning and maybe that will help center me for the day!

Did you know that four of the five states with the most growth in women-owned business are in the south? Well I certainly didn't before I read this article. The article is well-written and includes both a bit about women business owners in general and features several successful women as well. There is just something about knowing that others have been successful pursuing their passions that make going after your own dreams less intimidating. 

I love nail polish and getting my nails done and this may have made me grin from ear to ear. I need to find one of these! Essie has such fun, bright colors and being able to stock up on the go would be perfect because I am sure we have all packed our bags only to realize that we have no polish!

Three: Pinterest Quote

Man, I needed this quote when I read it. There is something about having the place you spend time tidy that makes life so much more productive, at least for me. You can always tell that I am spending all my time in the library when I am at school because my room becomes good only as a closet with a all over the place...oops!

We all love her iconic style and ability to look flawless in Lilly shift dresses and Jack Rogers. The amazing thing about her is that she did not create waves because she dressed in outlandish clothing, she is an icon because she knew how to make classic, timeless pieces work. 

I came so darn close to not posting this, so close. The only reason I posted it is because I do agree with most of it...most. There is one small detail though that I dislike...WHY IS LOGAN 9?!? Seriously, Jess gets to be 1 and Logan is 9th? Well whatever, I would definitely give Jess a 3 behind Luke and Logan the 1 seed, but I didn't sit down to write this list, did I? Nope, but it is a pretty great list and definitely worth checking out if you're a Gilmore Girls fan!



  1. awesome post!

  2. Jess was the worst. That is literally all I have to say.