Monday, July 21, 2014

It Happens to the Best of Us

I am thinking of making this "It Happens to the Best of Us" a regular feature on the blog because I feel like there really is no limit to the number of ways to end that phrase. For example, I have been floundering for the last two weeks with getting adjusted to not working, then working again, and now, Monday has been the struggle of all struggles. 

...skipping spin class this morning because "I couldn't find my gym card" (it may be true, but it's a crap excuse)
...opting for a professional ponytail because actually doing something with your hair is just not happening
...then proceeding to spend half of the day trying to perfect doing a french braid on yourself
...wearing pants or a maxi skirt because you chose to lay in bed for an extra few minutes instead of shaving
...legitimately including "get my life together..." on today's to-do list
...eating a sugary scone for breakfast because it tastes better than healthy food
...proceeding to choke on said scone while driving because filling up your mug with extremely hot coffee was more important than filling a water bottle
...not being able to taste anything for the rest of the day after forcing that coffee down in hopes of dislodging the dry scone
...dreaming of being able to afford the designer items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because even on sale they're miles out of budget
...being upset with myself because I no longer crave junk's just not as fun to crave fruit
...packing lunch is the greatest accomplishment of the day so far
...that choosing a planner for the school year is actually a stressful decision...again
...using a Title Capitalization website to double check the title of this post
...wanting to crawl into a hole an hibernate when you realize that yes, it is only Monday


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