Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five: Ladies Love It

So, if this week's Friday Five isn't as inspired as you may expect it to be, please know it is due to my binge watching of The Mindy Project. On that note, can Mindy and I be BFFs? Seriously, I texted my best friend to make sure that she watches this show because Dr. Mindy Lahiri may be the only person who quotes and references more rom-coms as general conversation than us...

 Just in case you don't already watch this show and are looking for someone to convince you, here it is. She is so relatable for anyone else who thinks that there are few movies better to watch on repeat than Norah Ephron films (especially You've Got Mail!) This show is funny, witty, and Danny Castellano is basically my perfect guy. Actually though, he is a catholic, diehard yankees fan, doctor, though he is a bit shorter than I like for guys to be...

Okay, if I didn't hate the spotlight as much as I do, this would be my perfect first dance. I am a huge Dirty Dancing fan and this couple absolutely nails this dance. I was so impressed by them and it looks like their dance was a huge hit with their guests.

This is a wonderful combination of attractiveness, awkwardness, and laughter. This A Capella group sings a medley of Shakira songs and it is absolutely fantastic. Oh, and they sort of recreate the music video, which is the really funny part

4. This Quote

I had to do a double take when I saw this, but when I read it, I absolutely loved it. 

I listened to this last week at work and I really needed to share it with y'all. I wasn't sure about it while I was listening to it, and honestly was kind of leaning towards not getting it, but somehow by the end I felt emotionally wrecked and yet, totally loving the music. He has a great sound and if you're just sitting at work today, do yourself a favor and listen to his music while you finish stuff up for the weekend!


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