Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Shopping

Happy Slapsgiving Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to thank all y'all for reading this blog. I love blogging just for me, but y'all make it even better with your sweet comments...and you know, the fact that people actually read it! I hope you have a wonderful day full of food, family, and football. I am currently drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching the parade, and playing fetch with my puppy.
Oh, I am adding various items to my shopping baskets on different websites as hints for my Momma for Christmas presents. It makes me want to shop though, ahh must resist the urge! This will also be my first year participating in the Black Friday madness, but I'll be on the other end of shopping...yeah, I am working the 12am-8am shift at Talbots. If you are at Tyson's, come visit me! 
Here are a few of the online sales going on right now that are worth checking out, especially for those of you who love a good deal but are all about spending the day relaxing instead of fighting the crowds at stores...I know that's how I feel!

J. Crew Factory {50% off} 
crystal sunburst necklace (it's back...ordered. ugh)
C. Wonder {30% off tops and/or if you buy 3+ items}
fox head velvet slipper loafer

J. Crew {30% off} 
jeweled llama sweater

Macy's {huge sale + 15% off} 
kitchenaid mixer (obsessed)

Design Darling {20% Off with code: thanks}
tortoiseshell tumblers
Oh...and thanks to Yani's comment on Facebook, here are some links for guys gear because while I am sure he would rock that llama sweater, I'd rather see him shop in the men's department ;] There are more gift ideas in my post from last week too!

J. Crew {same as above}
fair isle sweater
Brooks Brothers {30% off select sweaters}
merino half-zip
Bonobos {25% off $150+; 30% off $250+}
buffalo plaid shirt
LL Bean {10% off}
anything fishing related for K&N will go over well
Also, I have been meaning to feature my friend's blog on here, but I keep forgetting so expect that post soon. In the mean time, if you want to have a healthy Thanksgiving, check out Blake's blog for some advice on that! 
Eat, drink, and be merry...but not too merry, I am still waiting for Santa to arrive at Macy's before Christmas season can begin.


update: Santa has arrived...MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!

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