Wednesday, November 6, 2013


-Truvey in Steel Magnolias (aka Dolly Parton in one of the greatest movies ever) {via}
Just wanted to share a bit of Wednesday inspiration with y'all. Smiling is the best. Sure there are days like today where I have so much to do and get overwhelmed by that I just can't seem to think straight, but a simple smile can go a long way. Studies show that even forcing yourself to smile can actually improve your mood. I know that it seems silly to want to smile when everything is piling up and becoming overwhelming, but attacking it with a positive attitude helps. 
I recently watched a Ted Talk about smiling and remembered this technique I actually had been using when I worked long hours over the summer, especially when I finished a long day with grumpy customers at my retail job. Try it, I promise it will work. And smiling is contagious, so spread the joy!

Here is the link to that Ted Talk. If you want a link to any others I have dozens saved on my iPad now for 20 minutes of study break inspiration or knowledge.
Also, while looking for an image that had this quote I was reminded of how much I love this movie and need to watch it this weekend...seriously, so many fabulous, sarcastic one-liners, I love it!


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