Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Fashion with a Coffee in Hand

First of all, thank you to everyone for such wonderful feedback yesterday. I love that it resonated with y'all. Thank you for reading my blog and supporting me, it means the world to me. Now, back to this post...
Fall is here and I am definitely feeling it. Tights have come out, momma is driving down with my late fall/winter gear today, and I am perpetually wearing a scarf. Just because it is cold out doesn't mean that we can't dress cute! In fact, I love the look of a comfy, worn-in sweater in the winter. Today's Fashion Friday includes some of my favorite fall looks thus far. As always, follow along on Instagram for regular outfit posts! Also, I realize there is only one picture included here where I am not holding a hot beverage...
I love coffee and it loves me, okay? no judging...
J. Crew Factory vest, pants // DSW shoes // sweater (old)
J. Crew Factory shirt (similar), bracelet, scarf //
Eddie Bauer vest
sweater (old) // Old Navy tights // J. Crew Factory skirt
J. Crew Factory jacket (similar), scarf, shirt //
H&M cords (old) // boots (old)
Ralph Lauren sweater (old) // JCF skirt //
Old Navy tights // Shop Ruche shoes
JCF sweater (old), skirt // DSW shoes
What are your favorite fall outfits so far?


P.S. sports fashion note: not a fan of the NBA Christmas Day jerseys, but this promo video is awesome


  1. I am loving that JCF skirt. I had been looking at it on the website for a while (and I think my mom ordered the plaid one in the same style for me for Christmas) but I officially need the grey and camel! (And why didn't it come in navy?!)

  2. i need more of these skirts to wear to work! I can be a sassy pharmacist right?

  3. Can I just have your closet?! You're style is so perfect and I love everything you wear! Hahaha Keep the outfit posts coming:)


  4. Everything you wear is so stylish--You need to style me :)