Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What to Wear: Turkey Time

Three cheers for Thanksgiving Break! Gosh I am so excited for a couple of days off, especially after the craziness that was happening this past week. My absence from blogging was due to exams, papers, and Relay for Life kickoff week. I love this blog, but I love my grades and involvement in the community more (especially grades...sorry, not sorry).
Anyways, with Thanksgiving a couple of days away I thought I should share some outfit inspiration for the holiday. To be perfectly honest, I am not really concerned about my outfit this year since we aren't going to be spending the holiday with my family in North Carolina like we normally do, but I am still breaking out a sweater I haven't worn for some holiday cheer. I am also more concerned with comfort because the day will be followed by an eight hour shift at Talbots in Tyson's starting at midnight on Black Friday. Since we are always in Charlotte for Thanksgiving (and really aren't into Black Friday) I have never witnessed Tyson's Black Friday and I am a little scared...it's hectic there on a normal day!
Back to outfit ideas, one of these is more casual than the other and that is totally based on how formal your Thanksgiving will be. Mine isn't, but if you go to a restaurant for dinner, chances are you should dress a tad nicer. Oh, and if you're going to visit your boyfriend's family (woohoo! you go girl) for the holiday, ask him what dress code is and then plan to dress a tad nicer. I don't know what it is about guys, but they generally lack the ability to gauge what exactly the appropriate dress code is for girls. I am pretty sure it is due to their "it's always khakis with a polo or sports coat, or a suit" mentality. And don't forget, shift dresses and flowy tops are a girl's best friend when it comes to occasions where you want to indulge! 
Turkey Time by sugarsnappearls {item details though link}

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?


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