Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gifts for the Guys

Today's the day! My baby brothers are 19!!! Oh my gosh, sometimes it is hard to believe they are so old and in college and doing big things. Of course, then I see them in person and am reminded that they dwarf me so that brings me back to reality. I love my brothers so much and I cannot wait to see them for Thanksgiving.
In honor of their birthdays, and the fact that being in a sorority means lots of girls wondering what to get for their guys, brothers, or dads, I decided to make a bit of a list. I categorized it by interests, and while I know I left off those with musical interests and a few others...but you get the idea. And seriously, anything in the "for the dude..." section can go to any guy.
My brothers are this strange combo of frat star and outdoorsman so I tend to hit up LL Bean for them because they love their flannels this time of year. Of course, I have never gone wrong with a bow tie or food before. As for outdoorsman supplies, fair warning, you will look like an idiot in Gander Mountain if you don't know what fishing flies or gun cleaning kit to buy (yes, personal experience).
presents for guys 1 by sugarsnappearls (click on set link for product details)

for the guys 2 by sugarsnappearls (again, details in set link)
What are your go-to gifts for guys?


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  1. Lol this is so funny because i NEVER know what to get my boyfriend as a present!