Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Day Pinteresting

Thanksgiving always seems to get shafted when it comes to celebration since it is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas. I mean come on, it is a holiday dedicated to food and there anything better? This year I am mega bummed that we are not with my extended family and that I am not in charge of decorating the table with G, but sometimes things happen. I mean there is always next year and I get to catch up with old friends and play with my puppy so it isn't as if I am miserable at home. Although we may not be doing the big Turkey Day shindig that I am used to, I am still ready to celebrate this holiday with a little help from Pinterest. There are no words for how much I love getting inspired by everything on there. It really is the perfect study break, but I have to limit my time on it or I will get sucked in for hours. Oh, if you have an iPad or iPhone, download the app. I actually prefer pinning on my iPad to my laptop! 
Anyways, here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving themed pins for the holiday. If you click on the caption it will take you to the original pin (and directions, etc). Oh, and if you are looking for outfit inspiration, check yesterday's post. Enjoy!
what a great way to kick off the morning
loving this table
he's so adorable/funny-looking
crockpot cranberry sauce
thanksgiving cocktail
love this idea
30 thanksgiving dessert recipes? you're welcome

What are your favorite recipes or traditions? Please feel free to share, I feel like getting a bit creative in the kitchen this year!


P.S. while writing this post my brothers came over to me and, after telling me I should dedicate a a post to how they are "young at heart" (read: immature), they nagged me to pay attention to them so they could show me how N had done some dumb hilarious defensive move when K went to punch him. Oh the joys of being home...but seriously, I do love being around these goofballs.

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